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Week by Week materials for e-business (HC3152) Trimester 3 2014


Week 2:  How it works


Week 3: That would change everything


Week 4:  Internet of Things


For each week of materials you are asked to prepare two paragraphs:

The first should contain the key ideas from the materials – not a summary – you must select the key ideas (most important) and talk about them. 

The second paragraph should identify an organisation which would benefit from the application of these ideas and explain how the ideas should be applied.


So, this essay will be concluded 3 activities, they writer need to watch the video to make this essay. For each activity, there should be 2 paragraph, the first paragraph is the main idea of the video, do not summary it, select and discuss about the key idea. The second paragraph will discuss about the application, which Australian organization will be benefit from that. So all the essay will have 6 paragraphes all together.

Plz, in each material, make at least 3 references which is follow Harvard style, there should be at least 10 references, please.





Subject Essay Writing Pages 4 Style APA


2-Business Application E-Business

Week 2: How it Works

  • E commerce website must list products and corresponding prices as well as review information when users click a product. 
  • Purchase button alongside a product. For instance, add cart button.
  • Website should have quantity textbox for user to enter quantity information.
  • The customer logs in or registers if new to the site.
  • Customer comment section may be included to enter purchase details.
  • Payment options are made available to enable clients make payment of purchases made.
  • The client confirms orders made for processing after selecting delivery method.

            The e-commerce ideas listed above can benefit an Australian firm named CatchOfTheDay.com.au Pty Ltd. This company specializes in sale of different products including hair products and kids clothes (Catchoftheday 2015, web). The ideas should be used in making a creative e-commerce website. The website should list all the different products on offer as well as their corresponding prices. The ideas should make the Australian firm to accompany the offered products with review information about the product. In addition, a purchase button alongside the products should be offered from which clients select a product (s) and click it to make purchases. The company can also apply the ideas, for instance, to create a textbox in which clients can type in the quantity needed and proceed to making payment. This accelerates users’ freedom as well as making their experience great while accomplishing different tasks (Manzoor 2010, p 126). Smashing Magazine (2014, p 7) notes that great e-commerce sites ought to look into the issue of navigation including prioritizing of key features as well as content The ideas can help the company to develop a website design a confirmation page about the orders requested, delivery method, and confirmation of purchases made.

Week 3: That would change everything

  • Catchy advertisement  for the business
  • Mobile application
  • Interactive advertisement
  • Include all the required information

The ideas listed above can benefit an Australian firm named Ouffer. This organization deals with special offers on hotels, restaurants and bars, theatre tickets, and salons (Ouffer 2015, web). First, the organization should use the ideas to develop an application that carries its information. The ideas can be applied by the organization to create interactive advertisements, which direct the clients on great deals. It could include moving pictures and representations of hotels and salons with the great offers. This can be achieved by creating catchy advertisement for commanding great offers. The goal is to attract clients and influence their behavior leading to purchases (Zappala and Gray 2012, p 48). In addition, the ideas should be used by the Australian organization to include all information about the special offers. Making all the vital information available to clients is crucial in e-commerce because they want to get the entire picture of what is on offer. Harris (2014, 9) notes that all the broken links on an advertisement should be fixed, and information is a great way to ensure target audience gets the picture as intended. In essence, the organization can use the ideas to incorporate vital information about special offers being displayed.       

Week 4:  Internet of Things

  • Many devices connected to the internet
  • 50 billion devices connected devices by 2020.
  • Up to 7.6 billion persons alive by then
  • For any person there  will be 6*6 internet connected devices
  • Billions of sensors to capture and upload information
  • Some sensors will be oblivious to us
  • Every facet of life will depend on the internet

The ideas listed above can benefit an Australian firm named Dick Smith Holdings Ltd. This company retails consumer electronics and has been in business for decades (Dicksmithholdings.com 2015, web). The ideas listed above should be applied by the organization in its marketing drive in which it can tap into increased connectivity around the world brought about by the internet. This includes the idea that some 50 billion devices will be connected in the next five years and the population, which essentially makes up the organization’s market, will increase up to 7.6 billion individuals (Euromonitor International Plc 2009, p 84). The available population to be contacted will rise significantly and the business should apply the idea to devise policies to increase its client base. As well, the organization should use the ideas to tap into multiplied connectivity among individuals as each person is predicted to have 6*6 devices connected to the internet. The organization should also use the ideas to capture client buying behavior and related information, which will be easily captured and uploaded to the internet through billions of sensors. In fact, some of the sensors will be oblivious to those capturing and uploading information to the internet. Gansky (2012, p 42) notes that business’ future will all be about sharing as the mesh will be a major trend as individuals increasingly become interlinked. The organization should also apply the ideas to contact clients in their daily functions, as all facets of life will depend on the internet. Simple communications will easily propagate as networks among persons become more complex and take new dimensions. In sum, e-commerce presents organizations with new ways of conducting their functions and can greatly enhance productivity.


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