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  1. Below is a company’s stock quote on March 1, 2021:
    Name Close Net Chg Div P/E
    DSD 20.25 -.15 1.05 16
    What is the company’s earnings per share (EPS)?
  2. Ralph buys 100 shares of DSD stock for $20 per share. He holds if for 1 year and then sells it $25 per share. During the year he receives a $0.50 per share dividend.
    What is Ralph’s: a) total dollar capital gains or loss, b) total return?
  3. An investment bank agrees to a firm commitment offering of 5 million shares of a firm’s stock. The offer price is set at $20 per share. The bank charges a flat fee of $600,000. If the bank sells the issue to the public at $21 per share, what are the net proceeds to the bank and to the firm?
  4. Chelsea has $10,000. The following quotations are available to her for US dollars ($), Convertible Marka (KM), and Swiss Francs (SF). She may either buy or sell at the stated rates:

• U.S. Bank: $1.25/SF
• Bosnia Bank: $4.40/KM
• Swiss Bank: SF3.45/KM
What is Chelsea’s arbitrage profit assuming a triangle arbitrage is possible?

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