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    A scandal is uncovered in your ministry. A high-profile leader has been embezzling money from the ministry and using it for sinful and criminal purposes. He initially denied any wrongdoing, however, when faced with the evidence he admitted his guilt. Because you are the ministry’s key leader, your phone won’t stop ringing and your inbox is flooded. Local news outlets want a comment. Anti-Christian critics are having a field day exposing “yet another” bunch of hypocrites. Your leadership team needs information and reassurance. And the man, along with his family, need to be dealt with.

    In the midst of such an emergency, how would you speak to the media and community – in a way that is gospel-centered? What specific goals would you have for shepherding your team (or ministry employees) in the aftermath? Finally, what pastoral priorities should you have when dealing with the man, his wife, and their children? Your thread must engage the course readings and appropriate Scriptures to support your ideas.



Subject Law and governance Pages 2 Style APA


The media as a medium of communication and a tool to pass information to the intended parties is a potent tool that can either destroy or develop a ministry. Firstly, the leader should put the situation before God for guidance and then proceed with the measures. As a leader, the community through the media must be assured of immediate action, thorough investigation, and a fair punishment to the culprit if found guilty. [1] However, the information must get to the intended audience sooner to avoid misinformation and unintended rumors about the scandal. As the ministry’s leader and the spokesperson, I have to ensure that the ministry’s good name and image remain intact.

A crisis is an investable part of every organization; therefore, every leader should have goals after a crisis.  A leader should ensure t follow up with the remaining members after the situation is over by thanking them for their selflessness during the difficult time. In the modern days, occasionally holding celebrations and anniversaries to appreciate all employees for their excellent work and sacrifice would ensure credibility and loyalty to the ministry. 1 In Josh 4:6, Joshua instructed the Israelites to construct a memorial stone as a reminder to the nation of the Lord’s favor after crossing over River Jordan. Also, preparing a good crisis management team through Christ-centered leadership is another goal to shepherd a team.

It is the leader’s duty and responsibility to deal with the family and the man who committed the crime. In the meeting with the family members of the man who committed the crime, the leader should start with prayers to enable all the parties to be faithful to each other hence reach a common ground of problem-solving. In a Christ-centered manner, the leader ensures that there are facts to support the claims before giving the defendant time to explain themselves. It is a pastoral duty to encourage all the embers of the household to put God first and follow in His teachings hence avoid similarly or any other temptations in the future.


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