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  1. A Speech Outline on Graham Hill`s Speech

    Persuasive Speech

    Watch Graham Hill’s persuasive Why I am a weekday vegetarian. You can find on you tube. I need a persuasive outline for this like you did the other. The video is about 3 minutes. 




Subject Nutrition Pages 6 Style APA


“Why I am a weekday vegetarian” by Graham Hill

General purpose: To inform the audience

Specific purpose: to highlight the importance of vegetable consumption and to elaborate on the damage that meat consumption causes to both the individual consumer and the environment. In overall, the specific purpose is to discourage people from eating meat, or encouraging the audience to reduce meet consumption. 

General idea: There is so much benefits that come with consuming vegetables as an alternative to meat. Abandoning meat consumption might be a little difficult considering the taste it brings. On the face of it, common sense dictates that human should reduce the amount of meet consumption, but the craving for meet`s taste makes the decision somewhat difficult to make 

  1. Introduction
  2. The speaker introduces the topic in an interesting way that keeps the audience curious and wanting to know more about it. He starts by telling them about a decision he made some years ago, creating an element of suspense. 
  3. He reminds them of the conditions under which the meat for consumption is raised, and that it is not even good for the dogs and other carnivorous animals. He states “I knew that the 10 billion animals we raise each year for meat are raised in factory farm conditions that we, hypocritically, wouldn’t even consider for our own cats, dogs and other pets” (Hill, 2010)
  4. WIIFM? Graham Hill establishes an effective WIIFM in his speech because he explains thing that even the audience stand a chance to benefit from, especially Healthwise. For example, he states “I knew that eating a mere hamburger a day can increase my risk of dying by a third” (Hill, 2010) Moreover, the audience also stand a chance of benefiting from how he mastered the art of quitting meet consumption. “The name says it all: Nothing with a face Monday through Friday. On the weekend, your choice” (Hill, 2010)
  5. Orienting Materials 
  6. The major objective of the speech is to create awareness on the dangers of consuming meat and how it impacts the environment. It also attempts to inspire the audience on how to quit excessive meat consumption. The speaker states, “Simple. If you want to take it to the next level, remember, the major culprits in terms of environmental damage and health are red and processed meats” (Hill, 2010)
  7. Also, from the onset, Graham makes it clear what challenges might present themselves with abstaining from meat consumption. He explains “So my common sense, my good intentions, were in conflict with my taste buds. And I’d commit to doing it later, and not surprisingly, later never came. Sound familiar?” (Hill, 2010).
  8. The speaker says he is making his individual contribution towards the conservation of environment by avoiding meat as much as he can. He also suggests that the program is less costly as it helps him save a lot of money and also the environment. “My footprint’s smaller, I’m lessening pollution, I feel better about the animals, I’m even saving money. Best of all, I’m healthier, I know that I’m going to live longer, and I’ve even lost a little weight” (Hill, 2010)


  1. The speaker was much organized in his presentation by organizing his key points logically and supporting them effectively using adequate number of examples and real-life experiences.
  2. He explains why it was becoming difficult for him to quit meat as he had planned. Graham states that “So why was I stalling? I realized that what I was being pitched was a binary solution. It was either you’re a meat eater or you’re a vegetarian, and I guess I just wasn’t quite ready. Imagine your last hamburger” (Hill, 2010)
  3. He however explains how he overcame the same by developing a working formula for reducing meat consumption. “So, I wondered, might there be a third solution? And I thought about it, and I came up with one. I’ve been doing it for the last year, and it’s great. It’s called weekday veg. The name says it all” (Hill, 2010)
  4. Transitioning from one idea to another and materials used 
  5. The speaker does not use sufficient amount of connecting factors hence his speech does not transition smoothly. It becomes boring listening to especially where he jumps from an idea to another.
  6. He didn’t use any materials in his presentation of the speech and it also made it dry and not interesting. The possibility of having lost the audience’s attention is high.


  1. Summary 
  2. It takes so much discipline for one to quit meat and other animal products. However, its needful that people should for their own health and also in the interest of environmental conservation.
  3. The surest way to quit meat is through coming up with a working solution to the same, like say eating meat only during weekends but maintaining a vegetarian diet across the week.
  5. Going by the above, those it might be hard to quit meat, its necessary due to the numerous health benefits that come with doing so. 


Graham Hill, 2010

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