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  1.  Admission in a teaching degree                                                                     


    Outline factors that encourage you to become a teacher



Subject Functional Writing Pages 5 Style APA


Teaching Children



Teaching is one of the noblest professions that a person can pursue. However, before an individual resorts to teaching, he or she should weigh the cons and the pros associated with teaching. Furthermore, just like any other profession, teaching as a career has unavoidable stressors that anyone who intends to teach should be ready to endure. However, some key skills and attributes are required for an individual to become a good teacher (Koblinsky & Todd, 2020). Therefore, this paper covers two fundamental categories that include my interest in teaching students as well as personal learning and leadership experiences.

Interest in Teaching Children

 Several factors have inspired me to become a teacher. First, the whole world including, the Australia, experiences growing demand for teachers. Australia is currently experiencing an increase in the demand for teachers coupled with the fact that I am very passionate of teaching (Koblinsky & Todd, 2020). Therefore, being passionate of teaching is one of the reasons behind my inspiration for becoming a teacher. Further, my inspiration for teaching is the joy attributed to impacting the lives of children. Molding lives and securing future for children is very fulfilling and satisfying. Another inspiration behind my intentions of becoming a teacher is the family-friendly working environment associated with teaching. Teaching is like a hobby and the school environment is fun to work with.

Teaching is a good career choice because it offers a chance of making a real difference in society. It has been established that the only way to establish a real difference in society is through education. Therefore, being a teacher is the only sure method of instilling values and consequently, makes them responsible citizens. Therefore, my interest in teaching children comes from the need to bring positive changes in society through imparting good values. Besides, teaching is a good career choice because it is one of the most secure professions in terms of job security. Most jobs are dynamic and greatly impacted by technological innovations. However, teaching as a profession is always in high demand irrespective of the changes in technology (Koblinsky & Todd, 2020).

Furthermore, the subjects that I intend to teach are business studies and environmental studies. The choice of these subjects is based on my childhood dreams. Right from my childhood, I have been very passionate about business. Furthermore, I have always had the dream of operating and helping people to operate businesses. The majority of the people who are successful are business men and women. Therefore, I believe that through undertaking training in business studies coupled with teaching it, I would develop business skills that are necessary in succeeding in business (Phelps & Kotrlik, 2017). Therefore, through teaching business studies, I would be in a position of both helping children with their academic as well as achieving my dream of being business personnel.

I possess various skill sets and abilities that can make me excel in the teaching profession. The first quality that can make me a good teacher is my ability to create relationships with students. My understanding of teaching is all about relating. A teacher capable of establishing good relationships with students will always excel in the profession. Besides, I am also caring, patient, and possess a kind personality that is ideal in the teaching profession. Another skill that I possess is the ability to engage students in learning. Therefore, I will have the ability to motivate students to engage in learning.



Category 2: Personal Learning and Leadership Activities

I have had numerous experiences both at the level of school as well as in my working areas. At school, I was very active in sports. In grade six, I was active in handball. I learned handball from scratch and became very good at it (Lindsley, 2018). It showed my ability and my willingness to learn new ideas and activities. Furthermore, I became so good at playing handball that prompted the coach to make me the captain. I captained the team for two years that showed my leadership credentials at a tender age. At high school, I was both a student leader and a peer counselor. As a student leader, I represented the students where I was forming a link between the students and the school administrations. Besides, I also performed the role of peer counselor where I helped other students to manage and overcome their problems (Bournakis, 2019).

After graduating from high school, I worked with one of the local chain stores as a toy promoter. Working in that environment presented me with the valuable opportunity of working in a multicultural environment and with the children. Therefore, I developed the skills of relating and associating with children from that placement. However, before engaging with the local chain store, I was trained on handling and relating with children as well as different people from various cultural groups (Lindsley, 2018). Therefore, the inspiration of working with young children developed from the interacting with them as I was promoting and invoking the sales of toys. Apart from working at the local chain store, I also worked independently as an ice-cream seller where I was also able to interact with children and adults. From the two roles, I realized that children are social beings and very interesting to work with (Bournakis, 2019).

I also participated in community service while at high school.  I volunteered at my school library where I performed different roles from cleaning to arranging the books. I also helped in sorting and sourcing for books. From my community participation, I improved in my communication as well as resilience skills that I believe will be very beneficial in my teaching career. Additionally, the role as a library volunteer also helped me in developing the skills of organization and planning (Phelps & Kotrlik, 2017). It is because I had to plan and organize my work well in advance with the help of my supervisor. Therefore, participating in the community service at the school library was essential in my developing key skills that will make me a better teacher (Bournakis, 2019).

In conclusion, teaching is a profession that requires key attributes. These attributes are developed sequentially as an individual grows and assumes various responsibilities. The most important skill that is fundamental in becoming a successful teacher is the ability to interact and understand the needs of children. Therefore, previous knowledge and interest in working with children are necessary for making a good teacher. Therefore, from my past roles and leadership experiences, I have a strong conviction that I can excel in the teaching profession.




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