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  1. Adult learner Homelessness in Saint Lucie County Florida


    Discuss the Adult learner Homelessness in Saint Lucie County Florida


Subject Education systems Pages 3 Style APA


Adult Learner Homelessness in Saint Lucie County Florida


            The needs of the adult learner homeless population in Saint Lucie County Florida ought to be identified in order to proper appropriate education and other services for them. County resources can facilitate or complement an education-intervention plan for the identified population. The issues that need to be reviewed an analyzed about the adult learner homeless population in St. Lucie, Florida include mental healthcare needs, special learning needs for adults with disabilities or learning difficulties, medical care needs, and language needs. Besides, knowledge on the existing County resources for assistance on matters such as homeless medical care, housing, and other assistance services is important to better inform and refer the homeless adults to the services that they may need (St. Lucie County Florida, 2020). It is also important to review and analyze important data and statistics such as number of homeless adults, demographics, diversity, the poverty rate in the County to inform program objectives, scope, planning and implementation of the education program for the target population (St. Lucie County, FL, 2020).

A number of the identified St. Lucie County resources can facilitate the success of the program. It includes a range of housing support, employment assistance, and education training assistance services. First of all 211 Agency can help provide useful referral information to a range of available community resources. Secondly, Career Source has been identified as an agency that would provide education, employment services, and training assistance for the homeless adult population, thus, complementing the program objectives. Thirdly, City of Port Lucie – Neighborhood Services is another important stakeholder to be considered for provision of services such as housing rehabilitation and home purchase services for the homeless adult population in St. Lucie County. The fourth identified resource is the Clear Point Credit Counseling Solutions since the adult homeless population may be in need of debt management and credit counseling services. Fifth, Hands of St. Lucie is another resource that can help provide freed medical care to the target population and the sixth is the New Horizons of the Treasure Coast that will help in provision of substance abuse assistance and mental health services (St. Lucie County Florida, 2020). The last, but not the least, resource is the Well-Connect services should need to be considered for heating of shelters and/or homes set-aside for the homeless population in St. Lucie County (Cherryland Electric Cooperative, 2020).



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