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  1. An Evaluation of a Case Study on Vaccination



    CASE STUDY: Albert


    Albert Mitchell is a 36-year-old man who will be traveling to Dubai to give a business presentation in

    3 months. Although he has traveled widely in the United States as a consultant, this is his first trip to

    the Middle East.

    He requests information regarding immunizations needed before his trip. Albert states that as he will

    be in Dubai for only a few days, he is unlikely to contract a disease in such a short time and

    therefore believes that it is illogical to obtain immunizations.

    Albert states that he has heard that the side effects of the immunizations might be worse than the

    diseases they prevent. He is also concerned about leaving his wife at home alone because she is 6

    months pregnant.

    Reflective Questions

    1. How would you address Albert’s beliefs?
    2. What learning would be needed in each domain?
    3. What learning theories would you consider?
    4. How might his family concerns be addressed?







Subject Nursing Pages 6 Style APA


Albert needs to understand that there are no timelines within which a person can contract a disease or infection. To that end, his argument that he will only be in Dubai for a few days hence cannot contract an infection is neither here nor there. It takes a second for a person to get infected by a communicable disease whenever they get into contact with a person already having the disease, for instance Covid 19. On the other issues or concerns he raised about the vaccines having more impact on the body than the diseases for which they were to cure, he could be right because people react differently to different vaccines. However, it is not true that vaccines could have more damaging effects than the diseases for which they are to prevent (Ho et al., 2017). In the development and formulation of vaccines, they pass through various stages and they also undergo several tests which eliminate any potential danger when humans consume them. Like any medication, vaccines always have some mild side effects like irritation, the injected area becoming red, swollen and also soreness (Ho et al., 2017). Even though there are dangerous and life-threatening reactions to the vaccines by different people, such cases are rare to come by and the possibility of such happening has significantly reduced due to technological advancement in the making of vaccines.

One of the learning theories that I would consider is the cognitive psychology. Under this theory, people are information processors in the sense that that they can actually receive information and process it to get meaning out of it. It concentrates on mental phenomenon. Accordingly, the theory applies to the case study considering that Albert can get data concerning immunization and process it to get meaningful information (Ouadoud et al., 2018). Such information would help him in eliminating the misinformation about vaccines that stops him from seeking the same due fear that arises from such propaganda. The other applicable learning theory to the case study is the theory of constructivism. The theory argues that learners construct knowledge when interacting with their environment as opposed to being passive consumers of ideas and information (Clark, 2018). Such theory would be advisable for the above case study 

The most applicable and suitable learning theory in the case study is the behavioral theory. It denotes the fact that learning takes the form of change in behavior. The proponents of the theory suggest that response to stimuli gets stronger whenever such activity is repeated over and over again. It also implies that rewarding the right behavior makes the doer develop interest in doing the same again hence becoming part of him (Clark, 2018). With respect to the case study, it would be prudent to reward Albert in order to motivate him into going for the immunization before he can fly to Dubai. As such, behavioral learning theory would be the most suitable for application in the case study above.

          It is advisable that Albert leaves the wife at home given her medical condition. Accordingly, pregnant women are susceptible to various infection and thus it would be proper for Albert to leave her behind under some form of care for the few days he intends to be away. Besides, in three months when Albert is supposed to fly to Dubai, his wife would be on her ninth month and most airlines do not accept to fly pregnant women after the thirty sixth week. In line with the above, it would be challenging for the wife to accompany Albert to Dubai. In light of the prevailing circumstances, Albert should find somebody to say with the wife during he expectancy, because it would be risky caring her on the flight due to possible medical conditions that might accrue. Apart from the mother, it would also amount to compromising the unborn baby`s health to let the mother fly to Dubai and then back to their native home in such quick succession. 



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