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  1. An Evaluation of Business Ethics



    1. Identify and discuss the federal government’s four attempts to legislate business ethics since the late 1980s.
    2. How do society, politics, and culture affect HRM? As an HR professional, why is it important to be aware of these factors?





Subject Employment Pages 4 Style APA


 Federal Government’s Four Attempts to Legislate Business Ethics Since the late 1980s

          The federal government has made certain efforts to make legislations that would govern business ethics in the United States of America. Accordingly, if left unregulated, some businesses might go against public policy and do things that might harm the citizenry as against the consumer protection laws in the United States (Panwar et al., 2019). The regulations and legislations range from governing contracts, employment laws and even advertising. On advertising, the United States federal government has made some legislations, for instance the Federal Trades Commissions Act. Even though the Act was enacted in 1920s, the federal government made certain amendments in the 1980 to cover children when it comes to business advertisement (Asencio, 2019). Accordingly, such amendment dealt with deceptive advertisement when it comes to companies adverting foodstuffs with unhealthy sugar levels. As such, the legislations introduced some form of business ethics.

          Similarly, there was the Civil Rights Act of 1991 that tried to reduce the bar for those claiming discrimination at workplace. The United States had witnessed unprecedented discrimination in businesses and employment where African-Americas suffered the most. The eliminate such unethical conduct in business, the Act made it easier for those alleging discrimination to meet the standards of proof in court (Panwar et al., 2019). Federal government also attempted to legislate business ethics when it enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. Accordingly, the Act applies to companies and businesses with more than fifteen employees to ensure they stay ethical when dealing with persons with disabilities. Such ethical issues include non-discrimination of the disabled (Panwar et al., 2019). Lastly, the government also came up with privacy laws to prevent businesses from disclosing private information belonging to client. For example, HIPPA prevent private hospitals from disclosing the private information of patients they obtain during business. 

How do society, politics, and culture affect HRM?

Society, politics and culture impacts human resource management in various ways. Societal cultures entail things like work ethic, employee motivation among other things. Whereas some societies allow for child employment, others do not and therefore such societal cultures impact the manner in which human resource management hires employees (Malik, 2018). Moreover, politics also impact human resource management considering that through political activities, human resource managers can be compelled to take affirmative action in employment and thus interfering with the policy of hiring only the best candidates 9Malik, 2018). Consequently, it is important for human resource managers to take notice of such factors to develop flexible employment policies that can align to constantly changing environments. Such awareness would also help in avoiding losses in terms of litigations and also maintaining company`s good reputation in such societies. 


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