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  1. An Evaluation of Equal Opportunities Laws

    Examine the equal opportunity laws of another country, not the United States. Are the laws in other countries as much a concern for HRM specialists as they are in the United States? (hint: You are needing to use an outside source for this, so there should be in-text citations and references.)

    Affirmative action has become a political, economic, and emotional issue. What are some of the reasonable arguments in favor of and opposed to affirmative action.

    Why is it important in today’s business environment to have a sound job analysis system? What methods are available for collecting job analysis data?





Subject Law and governance Pages 12 Style APA


The Equal opportunities laws are meant to promote equality in government and private institutions for those in search of jobs and other things. They are important in promoting equality and discouraging discrimination on whatever ulterior grounds (Hlavac et al., 2019). The United States has had progressive equality laws such as the Civil Rights Act among others. In Australia, they also have an elaborate equal opportunity legal infrastructure that promotes equality. For example, the Equal Opportunity Act of 1984 ensures that all South Australians enjoy the right to equal opportunities. The objective of the Act is to eradicate discrimination and give all citizens a chance to take part in the economic and community activities (Hlavac et al., 2019). They also have the Racial Discrimination Act that prohibits racial discrimination at workplace. Lastly, Australia has the Sex Discrimination Act that prevents employers from discriminating people on the basis of their gender (Hlavac et al., 2019). Such laws are of concern for human resource managers like in the USA because whatever employment policies that the HRM makes must comply with the demands of such legislations. The HRM must also make certain rules that govern the organization when it comes to dealing with equal protection, and thus such laws are of concern to them.

          Affirmative actions are remedial measures in terms of policies and practices that intend to include minority groups into government agencies and private organizations especially where they have low numbers (Steele, 2017). The advantages of affirmative action include the promotion of workplace diversity, promotes fair access to opportunities by creating an equitable environment that enables even the underprivileged the opportunity to showcase their abilities (Steele 2017). It is also a means of empowering the minority both economically and politically.  The disadvantages are that it undermines competence and meritocracy, it is a form of reverse discrimination to those who are not members of the marginalized groups and it also demeans true achievement.

          Job analysis denotes the idea of evaluating a job to determine the kind of activities it would involve, the responsibilities that arise and also the context to which employee must perform the job. Sound job analysis is imperative in today`s business environment because it gives employers and managers the ability to hire the right employees for the task, and to determine the qualifications they would need or require from applicants (Landau and Rohmert 2017). Through sound job analysis, managers are able to estimate the amount of risk and hazards that might originate is such jobs and their performances. There are various methods of collecting job analysis data such as observation, which means general study of how things work around in employment environment (Landau and Rohmert, 2017). Interviews is another way of collecting such data, either from experts in the field or when seeking to hire employees. Others include questionnaire, technical conference methods among others.


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