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    An Evaluation of Social Deviance and how it leads to social Problems


    Explain how social deviance contributes to social problems. (100-150 words).Explain how social deviance perpetuates the social problem you selected on a micro and macro level.

    Identify an actual solution to the problem of social deviance. Summarize the solution you identified and compare it to historical solutions proposed in the past.






Subject Law and governance Pages 4 Style APA


Explain How Social Deviance Leads to Social Problems

Social Deviance is a behavior or conduct that violates or contradicts the established rules within the society or family setup. Social deviance leads to social problems like crimes, poverty and even conflicts due to various reasons (Klein, 2019). For example, when the society establishes that stealing is a crime, those who go stealing other people`s belongings might find themselves locked in incarceration centers hence reducing their productivity by wasting their time and consequently pushing them into poverty. It leads to social problems because it creates erratic conducts that opposes established order within the society (Gibbs, 2017). Alternatively, the people might go against established order as a way of rectifying social ills hence leading to social problems like conflicts and violence. For instance, African-Americans have always resorted to violence and street protests whenever the police department kills or assaults one of their own. In the process, they create a violent environment and destroy property, a situation that creates a social problem in the society. therefore, social deviance might lead to social problems in one way or the other. 

Explain how social deviance perpetuates the social problem you selected on a micro and macro level

Social deviance perpetuates racism in micro level by influencing the interaction between the different races that exist in a country especially in the United States of America. The races begin to stereotype each other in the society and thus promoting racism and racial disharmony (Henry, 2018). For instance, when African-Americans go to protest in the streets in response to police brutality, they tend to destroy the property that belong to their white counterparts hence making whites view them as violent people who are not suitable for employment. Consequently, whites who factories and industries become selective when hiring workers and employees to the disadvantage of such groups. As such, the stereotyping creates mistrust among races and leads to racial discrimination in various facets of the society`s life (Henry, 2018). On macro level, police brutality towards African-Americans hardens them and makes them believe that that white majority in the society hates them hence fueling racism. Moreover, violent response to police brutality by African-Americans perpetuate racism on a macro level because African-Americans begin to boycott certain products from companies that white-Americans own hence leading to economic discrimination on the basis of race (Henty, 2018). At the same time, the criminal justice system begins to view African-Americans as criminals hence targeting them unfairly. 

Identify an actual solution to the problem of social deviance. Summarize the solution you identified and compare it to historical solutions proposed in the past

Addressing the causes of social deviance is one of the actual solutions to the problems. It involves finding the root causes of the problems and solving them as a way of mitigating the same (Henry, 2018). For instance, if racism is the root cause of social deviance especially violent protests and destruction of property, then government needs to come up with solutions to the same by tackling racism in the police department and other criminal justice systems. One of the ways of solving the same is to come up with radical reforms in the police sector and the criminal justice system to cushion African-Americans from the rampant police brutality that they have always faced (Gibbs, 2017). However, in the past, governments especially in the United States have thought that arresting and incarcerating African-Americans who join such violent protest would be the solution to the same. History demonstrates that each time police kills an African-Americans, they still resort to violent protests in response to such injustice, with the recent protests around the murder of George Floyd being a perfect example. 



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