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  1. An experience which influenced my life






    This part is very personal and is meant as a reflection for you. What defines you? What experiences have made you who you are today? How has the time period you grew up in/are growing up in affected your life and/or choices? This will be a minimum of 2-3 pages.

    This will also be written as a first-personal narrative. Almost as though you are describing yourself to someone who does not know you too well. Use incidents from your life to explain what defines you and how those experiences have made you who you are today.







Subject Functional Writing Pages 2 Style APA


. In life, all tribulations and trails that people encounter only prepare them for a better future or make them better people. There are certain events or incidences in life that have made some people who they are today and the same applies to me.  Throughout my life, I have experienced several events and engaged with individuals who have contributed both negatively and positively in my life. While these events are many, I can firmly say that one experience that shaped who I am today is when my mother got a well-paying job in one of the biggest companies globally.

Brought from a poor background, it was very difficult for my mother to sufficiently take care of me and my two siblings. Life was not easy since she did not have a good job, she struggled to feed us and take us to school. This made life unbearable, hence at some point, I had to stay with my grandmother. This did not only interfere with my school program, but also introduced me to a new environment which I did not like. Although life at grandmother’s place was a bit good, I kept on thinking about my mother and my two siblings and our future. This made life more miserable.

However, when I was about to go to college something unexpected occurred. My mother got a good job in one of the best companies in the world. This was a changing factor in my life. One of the offers from the company was educational cover which was to cover both of us. This is one of the opportunities that I could not predict since my hopes to be like other children and live a good life was fading as I knew I would not get quality education despite my excellent performance. With the job, I was enrolled in one of the best high schools. This was a motivational factor in my life, hence I worked hard to be one of the best students in that school.

Life became enjoyable. I did not lack any basic thing as mother could easily afford them. Within this period, I met people from different background and fortunately, some of them had undergone a similar life experience as the one I went through before. I felt motivated and swore to myself that I must surprise my mother and siblings by becoming one of the top students in order to get a scholarship. I had no option since I got what I was missing, and given that I had tasted poverty, I swore not to get anywhere near it if education was one of the factors to drive me away from poverty. Luckily, I got a scholarship after emerging one of the top students as desired. I am now pursuing one my favorite courses and working part time with one of my dream organization.

In conclusion, were it not for the job my mother secured, I am certain that my life would not have been the way it is today. The job solved the financial problems which my family was facing, and which hindered certain activities such as education. With the job, I was taken to the best school where I happened be one of the tops students and secured a scholarship.








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