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    DB.#1. There are many different cultural groups from the Pacific in the U.S. For specific groups, go to the Pacific Islanders’ Cultural Association at http://www.pica-org.org/. After perusing this site, please provide an overview of the groups you learned about and how they relate to what you have learned in your textbook about other cultures.

    DB #2. What do you think the Japanese American internment can teach us about our society? Discuss why there was not an Arab American or Muslim American internment after 9/11.

    DB #3. How has the changing role of women in the United States affected the institution of the family? Explain. Please remember all posts should be written with open minds and a willingness to accept other opinions on the issue. Remember to use your Sociological Imagination!


Subject Cultural Integration Pages 2 Style APA


DB#1: An Overview of Cultural Groups

            There are many cultural groups from the Pacific in the U.S. Some of the groups I learned include Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Fijian cultures. The Fijian culture features various rules and restrictions (Despland, 2004). For instance, when visiting their villages, one is supposed to put on modest clothes, and have no hat on. This is because putting one on is viewed as an insult to the chief. It is also rude to enter their homes with shoes on or to touch someone’s head. The Tahitian culture, on the other hand, is well known for its dance which is linked to all aspects of life (Despland, 2004). The Hawaiian culture is also well known for a particular type of dance called the hula dancing. This is an interpretive, expressive dance that is well known for its grace and romantic feeling (Despland, 2004).

DB#2: The Japanese American Internment

            The internment of the Japanese Americans teaches a lot about our society. The society did not consider all individuals equal, as it focused on historical aspects. These people who were incarcerated were not really a threat to the United States, but they were sent to camps because they were Japanese (Saavedra, 2015). Even the harmless children were not spared. All this was due to the attack that took place during the World War II. Presently, the society views things differently, and in a more civilized manner. This is because once a person is a citizen of the United States, they are considered a part of it, and not aliens. There were no Arab or Muslim American internments after 9/11 due to the fact that the government admitted it was unfair. However, there is still poor treatment of these minority groups through policies that are only focused on denying them all their rights as American citizens (Saavedra, 2015).

DB#3: The Changing Role of Women

            The Institution of the family has changed due to the changing role of women in the United States. Initially, women were just but a group of people who were supposed to take care of the home and children as well (Sweeting et.al., 2014). Today, the women can work and even provide for their families in the place of their husbands. For this reason, women seem to be equal counterparts of their husbands, who were previously superior.


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