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    You are required to submit a brief written business report on a news article relevant to the course with your original description and original analysis of a company transformation presented in the article.


Subject Report Writing Pages 3 Style APA



            The Covid-19 pandemic affected many companies in 2020, including United Airlines. This company recorded a loss of $7.1 billion as the business operations were disrupted (Malone, 2021). That is why the company has decided to focus its technology efforts on consumers. Its digital transformation offers consumers with contactless options that will enable them to navigate the airline without having to be in close proximity to employees (Malone, 2021).

            The source of this news item is ciodive.com. It is a website which focuses on the provision of in-depth journalism and insight into some of the most critical topics of IT. The website has editors who have to approve any content before it can be published. Hence, these characteristics prove that the source is reputable.

            The focus of this article is in the United States, since this is where the Airline is based. The topic is within the IT industry since it looks at the digital transformation of the company. The company offers flight services from one destination to the next.

            The news article is up to date since it was published in January 2021. It is also relevant to the current unit since it highlights the digital transformation efforts of United Airlines Company.

Analysis of Business Significance

            This digital transformation is significantly different since it promotes an entirely virtual environment. Customers will have to navigate the system on their own, without having to request the direct assistance of the airline staff. This is a change that has been warranted by the Covid-19 pandemic which spreads through contact with people who have been infected by the virus (Malone, 2021).  Hence, it is a new approach which ensures that the risks of further spreading of the virus is limited.

            This is a sustainable transformation since the company has the financial muscle to see it through. Also, with the Covid-19 regulations it is only reasonable that such a consideration is implemented. It is important to show the public that the airline cares about their safety. It can do so by making it easier for them to navigate the system without having to come to close range with employees or other clients (Malone, 2021). The digital transformation options include implementing stations that are purely run through technology, with little or no physical contact with the employees.

            This transformation is applicable to other countries and markets since the regulations on Covid-19 are widespread. They were recommended by WHO and most governments have introduced policies to ensure that the same rules and regulations are upheld. Therefore, it is likely that other countries will also consider the use of these social distancing approaches by implementing them in their day to day activities.


            It is evident that the use of digital transformation is important for United Airlines since it ensures that its profitability improves. After the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, the company can use this approach to safeguard its customers while still offering them the flight services. Through digital transformations, the company will be able to implement safe travels.




Malone, K. (2021). United Airlines Bets on Technology to Recover From 2020. Retrieved from https://www.ciodive.com/news/united-airlines-earnings-technology/593832/




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