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Choose two major theories from two theorists out of Adler, Karen Horney, Erikson, Allport, Maslow, and or Carl Rogers. And apply them to your autobiography (2 papers; 2-3 pages each). Here you will examine someone’s personality in terms of two different theories. Do 2-3 pages for one theorist and 2-3 pages for another theorist but on the same document.

Imagine you are two theorists of the personality theorists. You are handed the autobiography of a student name Samuel Amponsem( I have added the autobiography to this question) that was written in January. Analyze this case study based on your theory of personality. Pretend you are two of the theorist and describing someone based on each of their theories. You may be as creative as you would like. You may assume the role of the theorist (Freud, Horney, etc.) or you may be a clinician or therapist who is analyzing based on their experience and background with the theory.

How did the personality develop? What are the relevant points and how do they relate to your theory?
Dig deep and include several concepts from the theorists (i.e. don’t just analyze based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or Erikson’s 8 Psychosocial Stages; include other elements of Maslow’s theory or Erikson’s theory).
Be sure to cite sources in the end

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