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  1.  Art and Science    


    Based on this weeks content, respond to both of the prompts “How are art and science related?” and “What do artists and scientists have in common?”


Subject Art and Design Pages 2 Style APA


How Art and Science are Related

Art and science have commonly been considered different fields, but it is evident that one influences the other when they are examined together. Scientific discoveries necessitate a great deal of ingenuity, and art is often an interpretation of (or a result of) scientific understanding. Take into account the science behind combining paint in the proper quantities generating balance in a painting, or even considering a quark’s performance. For thousands of years, visual art has often been employed to record the natural environment from geological paintings of living creatures that help modern researchers find out past fauna to depictions of centuries-old studies that remind us how they were carried out. Leonardo da Vinci’s research is one of the most prominent examples of the link between science and art (Artwork Adobe, 2019).

What do Artists and Scientists have in Common?

Both scientists and artists attempt to comprehend and explain the world around them. Although these people, their approaches, and their target consumers are all unique, their primary motives and objectives are essentially similar in many situations. As a result, their motivations and ambitions are what they share. Artists and scientists both address similar openness and thoughtfulness; they mostly do not fear the unexpected and prefer strides to incremental measures. They both make excellent friends. With such collaborative thought, there is tremendous potential for them to cooperate from the start, resulting in unpredictable results that can be significantly more beneficial than working separately. We understand that the scientist’s laboratories and the artist’s workshop are two of the final places designated for open-ended questioning. A suitable learning component to take place through a continuous feedback cycle between thought and performance.



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