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identify the main concepts and/or principles within the reading(s). The article can be found in the attachments.
Firstly, review the selected article. Secondly, as you review the material, underline or otherwise note the ideas which seem important to you, then answer the following
questions (analyze it according to the questions listed below) :

  1. Identify the thesis, issue, or problem to be solved.
    — List and briefly define major concepts developed in the reading.
  2. Identify data and evidence upon which you base your reasoning.
  3. Analyze and evaluate the major assumptions.
  4. State whether you agree or not with the conclusions and/or assumptions made.
  5. Draw your conclusions, solve problems, or formulate new arguments.

Read and critically analyze the article based on the Critical Thinking Component. The assignment will be written in essay format.
Some of the information and/or data in the articles might be outdated, therefore, research is required to ascertain the current status/opinions. In addition to the article, you must include at least one other source.

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