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Article Critique: Police Brutality and Reform


Subject Article Analysis Pages 2 Style APA


The article by Keville, updated on 25th June 2020, analyzes issues and controversies surrounding brutality and heinous acts committed by people sworn to protect civilians; the police force. Notably, the report provides an accurate account and presentation of objective views justifying the need for reforms. The first page of the article is an image of a man raising his arm. The photo was captured during a protest on 31st May 2020, where people voiced their concerns about police brutality. The demonstrations were done after a police officer killed George Floyd. The author uses the image to make the reader visualize how police brutality has affected the mass. This background justifies the need for fundamental reforms in policing in the USA.

In the article, Keville does not take a stand; instead, he documents supporting and dissenting views. In support of reforms, he laments that police officers harass and abuse minority groups, especially people of color, without being held accountable. On the contrary, Keville is skeptical of the validity of social media reports on police brutality. He notes that there are instances of exaggerations by the public to gain pity and misinform the public. Guided by his view, it is the reader’s responsibility to take sides. Nonetheless, going by the media’s numerous current reports, it is time for reforms to introduce accountability in the police force.

Notably, the author presents valid arguments about police brutality, such as the case of George Floyd, which was recorded and aired globally on social media sites. Using this isolated scenario, it is arguable that many other instances of brutality go unrecorded and unreported. From this incident, reforms must be taken to create a more disciplined police force and instill a sense of responsibility and accountability.




Keville, Patrice. Issues & Controversies: Featured Controversy—Police Brutality and Reform Infobase, 2020. Available at: https://www.infobase.com/blog/featured/issues-controversies-featured-controversy-police-brutality-and-reform/

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