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Below is an example outline of how to put together Essay 2/Vetting Sources.

Arts in Education
Focus – Art classes, 9-12, K-8. Are they important? Should we keep them or eliminate them?

Scholarly Sources on Topic (examine at least 4 articles, then choose the 2 you want to use)
– National Endowment for the Arts

  • Department of Education, University of Iowa
  • Art Education (journal)
  • Art, Culture, and Pedagogy (journal)
  • Engaging Learners Through Artmaking (college-level textbook used to teach Education majors)
  • Educators (Teachers, Professors)
    Choose 2 Scholarly Sources as MAIN sources for your paper
    RE: 2 Scholarly Sources Themselves
  • Vet sources – are they really experts? Are they credible? Any bias? Tell your reader why or why not. Give specific examples and support those examples with evidence.
    • Additional sources that verify (or challenge) 2 main sources’ credibility.
  • These sources can be either scholarly or non-scholarly, but whichever sources you use, the MUST all be CREDIBLE (reliable, trustworthy, unbiased). RE: Topic Scholarly Sources Discuss
    • Tell reader what 2 Scholarly sources you are vetting say on topic.
    • Tell reader what other sources say on topic.
  • Share your thoughts on all the info previously stated. Can the scholarly sources be trusted? Are either of them biased in any way (give specific examples)? Are either of them not trustworthy in any other way (give specific examples)? Support your thoughts using the other credible sources you find.

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