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    Your motivations
    Motivations are factors that determine behaviour. They are the underlying reasons that induce someone to act.

    Minimum score: 19

    Average score: 62

    Maximum score: 76

    Your aptitudes
    Aptitudes are natural inclinations, competencies, abilities. Certain aptitudes predispose someone to be an entrepreneur.

    Minimum score: 20

    Average score: 67

    Maximum score: 80

    Your attitudes
    Attitudes are made up of perceptions, our feelings about something. They are judgements we make, ways we look at things.

    Minimum score: 11

    Average score: 37

    Maximum score: 44

    Discuss your results from the entrepreneurship assessment with the class. Share two things that you learned about your yourself from the assessment and tell us if you could see yourself as an entrepreneur in the future. FROM RESULTS I AM NOT AN ENTREPRENEUR PLEASE BASE RESPONSE OFF THAT.


Subject Functional Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Assessing my Entrepreneurship Potential

My motivations in life were averagely rated. Motivational factors known to determine behavior and predominant reasons that induced one into acting in a particular way. Basically, culture, lifestyle, society and inmate factors do not fully control my behavior or the want to repeat a given behavior because the forces do not have absolute power to drive my motives. My score in this aspect was averagely rated and was highlighted as an important aspect that inspires one to move forward.

Aptitude is a competence component of doing a certain kind of task at a defined level. They are natural inclinations, competence and abilities. Basically, an outstanding aptitude is a talent. My potential towards performing given tasks, whether developed or not, were averagely rated because my predisposal to becoming an entrepreneur was not highly competitive. It was in the middle class category, which means I have the capacity, though it has not hit its full potentiality. This is a basic requirement.

Generally, basing on the scores, my attitude was slightly below average. Attitudes define one’s perception or feelings towards achieving something, which in this case is to become an entrepreneur. An average score meant that my attitude was not fully competent because there were some aspects that I probably did not display in the assessment procedures.

From the assessment, I have learnt that I am not an entrepreneur. I need to work and build on several skills that are prerequisites for becoming a potential entrepreneur. I do not see myself as an entrepreneur in the future because I lack the ultimate skills, which are basic aspects of an entrepreneur.



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