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    discuss one of the most notorious financial criminals in contemporary and modern times committed by Attorney Marc Dreier. Students must investigate the nature of the crime and eventual outcome (tangible/intangible).


Subject Law and governance Pages 2 Style APA


Attorney Marc Dreier Tangible/Intangible crimes and its outcomes.


Dreier’s cases involved excessive exploitation of trust and were rampant, selfish, and widespread over a period of nearly seven years, the amount of money stolen, and the nature of the crimes. Dreier abused his trust as a lawyer in almost every conceivable way. First, he said the notes he was selling were issued by his clients. (Parten, 2011) To make his plan, Dreier used that customer relationship to convince his victims that the notes were legal. He also used the information he learned about those customer relationships to lend credence to the false documents he provided throughout the program, and he did so with his clients. This is a tangible crime since we can see Dreier exploiting and stealing money (BURROUGH, 2009)

Repeatedly, over a period of nearly seven years, Dreier himself, and others acting on his orders, performed complex simulations to show his victims that the false notes were real. This impersonation is done by telephone, in person (after Dreier received unauthorized access to client offices), and by email. (DASSIN, 2009) He has made extensive use of his law firm’s reputation for committing fraud, including instructing employees to write and write fraudulent documents, obtain cell phones, set up fake email addresses, and set up telephone lines. He also used the bank accounts of his law firm to extort money from his fraudulent activities. This crime is intangible since we can see Dreier exploitation. (Weiser, 2009)


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