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1. What is “Audism”?

2. Where might someone experience audism? Family, friends, co-workers?

3. What are examples of audism as shown in the movie? What are some other examples of audism?

4. How were Deaf people treated as a result of audism in schools? In the home? In other places?

5. How do you think the following forms of audism in the home would affect Deaf children?
a. Lack of communication
b. Lack of support
c. Left out of conversations and family audism—examples are:
• “you wouldn’t understand”
• “it’s boring” (why are people laughing then?
• “wait a minute” and then never get told
• “never mind” and “tell you later”
• Being born deaf is considered punishment for family
• Isolated and left out

6. When in group conversations or watching movies without captions what response do Deaf people hate the most from hearing people?

7. What are your thoughts on audism?

8. What can you do as a student to prevent audism?

9. What would you do if you saw audism taking place?


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