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Word count:  1000 words (+/- 10%, not including references or reference list)

The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is the national association representing human resource and people management professionals. AHRI have over 20,000 members throughout the world and provide education and training services in HR and people management and business skills. AHRI also organises world-class conferences which bring HR practitioners together and holds seminars and networking opportunities all over Australia. AHRI also sets standards through accreditation of HR qualifications at universities across Australia (including LaTrobe’s HR degree), conducts research into people management practices, and assists governments in the development of policy and legislation that affects people at work.

AHRI have released a ‘Model of Excellence’, which explains the capabilities and behaviours of an ‘excellent HR manager’. This model provides a conceptual basis for the accreditation of HR practitioners and training offered by AHRI and universities. The model identifies 7 capabilities that are essential for HR practitioners (see https://www.ahri.com.au/about-us/model-of-excellence). These capabilities are being:

  • Business driven;
  • A strategic architect;
  • An expert practitioner;
  • An ethical and credible activist;
  • A workforce and workplace designer;
  • A cultural and change leader; and
  • A stakeholder mentor and coach.

In this assignment, you are to select three (3) of these capabilities and address the following (in your own words, with referencing as required):

  • What does this capability entail?
  • Why would it be important for a Human Resource Manager to have this capability?
  • Assume you are applying for a graduate HR position, and demonstrating this capability is one of the key selection criteria. What evidence could you provide to demonstrate you possess this capability?  Draw upon your own experiences, whether it be your work, university life, home life, volunteering or sporting experiences.

For further information on the AHRI Model of Excellence, see:

AHRI Model of Excellence

Human Resource Competency Study

Ulrich, D., Brockbank, W., Yeung, A. K. and Lake, D. G. (1995), Human resource competencies: An empirical assessment. Human Resource Management, 34: 473–495. doi:10.1002/hrm.3930340402

Submission instructions

The assignment is to be submitted in one document via the Assignment submission link in the LMS.  The assignment will be entered into Turnitin automatically when submitted.  You can submit the assignment as many times as you like prior to the submission date/time.  However, please note that the second and subsequent times you submit the assignment, the originality report from Turnitin will take up to 24 hours to be released.

Please ensure that you name your MS Word file as follows:  TutorSurname_YourID.docx.  So, if Dr Judy Van Rooyen is your tutor, you would name your file VanRooyen_1234567.docx.

Please remember that the University takes a very serious view with regard to plagiarism, and you are strongly advised to read the University’s policies on academic integrity at the following website: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/learning/integrity. Please be aware that plagiarism is a form of serious academic misconduct and will be penalised accordingly. Plagiarism detection and prevention software (i.e., Turnitin) is used to aid in identifying possible incidences of plagiarism in written assignments (seehttp://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/it/teaching/turnitin/).

Assignments are due by 5pm on the due date. Extensions will only be given in documented cases of severe illness or emergency, and will be managed through the University Special Consideration process. Such applications must be accompanied by documentation (i.e., doctor’s certificate) and be submitted prior to the due date. Please refer to the Subject Learning Guide, your Tutor or the Subject Coordinator if you require further information.






Subject Business Pages 5 Style APA


Australia’s Human Resource Institute’s Model of Excellence

Australia’s Human Resource Institute (AHRI) through its model of excellence has for a considerable length of time equipped the human resource (HR) practitioners with the necessary skills required for the success of various organizations in regard to the human resource management. AHRI’s model of excellence refers to a graphical representation that entails what the HR practitioners are expected to know, what they are expected to do as well as what their peer expects from them in regards to their behaviors and capabilities Ulrich, Brockbank, Yeung & Lake (1995).  For instance, the circles of the graphical presentation according to the most recent AHRI survey gives the seven capabilities and ten behaviors that are considered to be the most essential for HR practitioners Ulrich, Brockbank,Yeung & Lake (1995).This essay assesses three major HR capabilities as given by the model of excellence and explores the reason as to why it is necessary for a Human Resource Manager to possess such capabilities. What is more, the essay also gives the evidence that I could demonstrate when applying for a graduate HR position to show that I possess this capability.

The first capability is ‘business driven’ competence, this demands that the HR Manager exhibits the readiness to channel the operations of an organization into satisfying business requirements. This quality is often demonstrated when the HR manager seems to understand all the operations of an organization in regard to its products and service delivery priorities Ulrich,  Brockbank, Yeung, and Lake (1995). Similarly, the quality is demonstrated when the HR manager seems to be having an in-depth knowledge of an organization’s goals and objectives and understands well the environment in which an organization is operating including its financial capabilities.  This capability is significant in that, it enables the HRM to drive the operations of an organization towards a competitive advantage that would enable it to realize its goals and objectives (Hughes & Byrd, 2015). Similarly, business driven capability enables the HRM to fully understand and anticipate the impacts of political, economic, social and technological changes which are essential in enabling him to respond appropriately to both internal and external influences so as to promote sustainability and organizational performance.

Another significant capability of the Human Resource Manager according to AHRI is that of the ‘expert practitioner’. This implies that the HR manager should possess the capacity to build, maintain and apply professional knowledge in regard to HR at all time (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). This capability is often demonstrated when the HR Manager uses their own internal consultant skills in translating and adapting theory into practice. The expert practitioner capability according to Storey (2014) is also demonstrated when the HR manager opposes the status quo and instead they come up with insights on ways in which organizational design can be improved to enhance the business performance. Similarly, Ulrich, & Dulebohn (2015) observes that,  this capability is evidenced when the HR manager demonstrates logical and effective problem-solving ability especially when faced with new changes that arise from the current global trends such as technological and political changes among others.  The expert practitioner capability is very essential since it enables the HR manager to readily provide solutions and insights to current global trends such as technological changes that often affect the workplaces which similarly promotes both sustainability and organizational performance (Farnham, 2015).

The third and equally significant capability as given in the model of excellence is that of being both a ‘workforce and workplace designer.’ This implies that the HR manager develops the capacity to design the workplace environment in a manner that sustains a capable workforce environment. This quality can be demonstrated by the HR manager when he plays a key role in constructing and designing jobs which are not only in line the needs of an organization’s goals and objectives but also meets the abilities and the aspirations of the individual employees within the organization. As Ulrich, Brockbank, Yeung & Lake (1995) observes, workforce and workplace designer capability is also demonstrated when the HR manager develops ways of attracting, retaining, developing and supporting their talented and capable workers by meeting the needs of the employees so as to promote service delivery requirement of the organization. Moreover, the HR with the quality also ensures that the workplace remains at all times motivating and engaging.  According to Tracey (2016), this quality is particularly significant since in sustaining productivity even in the current complex and turbulent global environment. This is because, the workforce and workplace designer capability enables the HR manager to analyze job and workplace by embracing competency focused approaches which are necessary for the development of workforce capacity for the future demands of an organization (Cohen, 2015).

Some of the evidence that I could demonstrate to show that I possess this capability if I was to apply for a graduate HR position will include the following. First, I will point out at the quality grades that I scored at the university in Human Resource Management course. This will be a clear indication that I am an expert practitioner who is very conversant with types of data used in organizations as well as all forms of financial indicators in addition to performance indicators and is therefore competent enough to apply professional skills is tackling real life situations. Also, I will describe how under my leadership, our basketball team managed to win various trophies in various tournaments in the university. This will emphasize business driven capability since our team was able to develop a track record in realizing positive results.  Additionally, I would demonstrate my workforce and workplace designer capabilities by describing how I have vast knowledge in computer programming and various computer application areas. This would be an indication of how I am capable of utilizing new and emerging technologies in utilizing workforce analytic in meeting both operational and workforce requirements.



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