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    Placing a product at a certain point or location within a market in the minds of prospective buyers.

    How is Bacardi positioning their product in this video? What is the Psychographic Segmentation displayed in the video?

    Watch the youtube video below:




Subject Business Pages 2 Style APA


Bacardi Product Positioning Analysis

 Brand positioning is the place that a company intends to own in customers’ minds in the target market. Primarily, it is what organizations want consumers to understand about the product whenever they think of it (Van Staden & van Niekerk, 2018). In the short advert film, Bacardi positions their product as flexible to mix with other ingredients to concoct a good cocktail. Bacardi Mojito is positioned as a premium segment preferred by most high-end nightclubs. The advert is conducted in luxurious venues, including a party on a luxurious boat. The product is trendy and provides the best way to enjoy weekends (Bacardi Singapore, 2013).  

 The psychographic segmentation displayed in the film includes men and women probably between 25 and 35 years old residing in metropolitan areas. They are a club going young adults with the knowledge of the brand and trendy lifestyle. The consumers in the film are middle incoming individuals. Thus, they have high purchasing ability (Bacardi Singapore, 2013). The consumers displayed in the film advert have extraversion personality. They gain energy through spending time with others. Nonetheless, they depict a lifestyle of single individuals who spend most of their weekends partying. Primarily, the film promotes disconnect to the hectic pace of urban life (Bacardi Singapore, 2013). The interest of the target segment in the ad is music. One of the most outstanding activities in the film is dancing. When the music stops to play, everyone stops dancing. However, they all continue to dance with smiles in their faces when the music is played again.



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Bacardi Singapore. (2013, July 8). Bacardi Mojito Ad. [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3MJ3GlUNvk





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