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  1.  Banksy    


    Graffiti artist Banksy has created many works in public places without permission, but he has also become popular with the public. How do you think these different settings affect the way that viewers react to his artworks? What is it about spray paint that makes its artists thrive on creating works in unexpected places and away from traditional art venues? 


Subject Art and design Pages 2 Style APA


Graffiti Artist Banksy

Banksy is without doubt one of the world’s celebrated and famous graffiti artist. To some people, his works are poignant, ironic, thought-provoking, and humorous.  However, to other individuals, it is basic vandalism (Poppi & Kravanja, 2019).  Whichever side one takes, it evidenced that he is a clever and talented artist who conveys his opinions in a manner that several people cannot manage to do.

Different settings add elements of surprise and uniqueness to his works. In addition, the settings allow the artist to create their works in spaces where everyone can see. It allows viewers to interact with his work at any given time and at no cost making him not only famous, but also allow individuals to enjoy the fun that is brought about with artistic works. It is also important to note that the setting changes the typical viewers’ perception from museums to streets. It brings about the feeling that such amazing works can be viewed even in street (Poppi & Kravanja, 2019).  Lastly, it also creates a strong attachment between his works and the ordinary people. The fact that works done by most artists can only be viewed under certain circumstances makes art look like they are meant for specific group of people, perhaps the rich.  He tactically puts his works in well-seen spaces where viewers easily notice while passing

Spray paint enables the artists to effortlessly carry their mediums in their back pocket. The spraying ability enables artists to work fast while covering large surfaces within the shortest time (Poppi & Kravanja, 2019). Notably, a standard spray paint can cover up to 50 square feet of area, making it an effective way of drawing based on cost as well as speed.


Poppi, F. I. M., & Kravanja, P. (2019). Actiones secundum fidei1: Antithesis and metaphoric conceptualization in Banksy’s graffiti art. Metaphor and the Social










Appendix A:

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