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  1. Benefiting the Public Good    




    One role of government is to ensure that policies benefit the people within their jurisdiction.

    For local governments, it would be the townspeople or city dwellers.
    For the state governments, it would be the people living within the state.
    For the federal government, it would be everyone within the borders of the country.
    Using an ideology discussed in the textbook, construct an argument explaining how this ideology upholds the public good by examining power, order, and justice.

    Select an ideology discussed in the textbook. In an essay, examine how power, order, and justice as it relates to the ideology you choose promotes the public good.






Subject Law and governance Pages 3 Style APA


All nations in the world require establishing systems and ideologies that will guide them to manage society properly. Over the years, economies have come up with ideologies and social norms that have controlled corporations. These ideologies include communism, fascism, socialism, and liberalism (Heywood, 2017). Despite several criticisms underlying these ideologies, I believe that reform liberalism is one of the best ideologies that has worked towards intelligently managing society. Reform liberalism is a category if liberalism ideology that believes in equal opportunity for all which is achieved through government interventions such as progressive income tax and social welfare (Heywood, 2017). Reform liberalism promotes individual freedom whereby the government directs its efforts towards helping the disadvantaged and the poor, especially in the provision of basic needs like education, healthcare insurance, employment insurance and so on. The whole idea is to create a state whereby all members can access a minimum standard of living. Reform liberalists focus on controlling individual rights, government power, free trade and equality to promote personal freedom as a way of encouraging democracy.

Liberals believe that the government is vital in protecting an individual from harm caused by others and at that the same time can pose a threat to liberty. The power granted to the government protects individuals’ freedom of equal opportunity by promoting accessibility of necessities like education and healthcare. According to Young (2018), modern liberals believe that the government can initiate broader functions without harming individual independence through laws that protect arbitrary power. Liberals focus more on the civil rights that promote equality, especially those that revolve around property control, what reform liberalism do in ensuring that all system that deals with humans, directly or indirectly, respect all civil rights surrounding them.

For decades, liberal order has been associated with the long-term peace among superpowers in the world as well as among international organizations. For instance, while the World Trade Organization establishes and implements free trade agreements, the World Bank provides financial assistance to the developing nations. The primary issue associated with liberal order is inequality whereby the developed countries acquire more power over free trade compared to developing nations. In the federal government, as much as reform liberalism focuses on promoting equality of opportunities, liberal order ends up favoring the wealthy over the poor.

When it comes to justice, reform liberation argues that judgment is based on an integration of detention, restitution, and rehabilitation of a criminal for the sake of protecting the public and reforming the criminal. Through confinement, an offender is removed from society and introduced to a controlling environment that will help correct their behavior at the same time ensuring that his or her fundamental rights are observed. Liberation also claims to protect the society from government staffs that misuse power such as the police who may harass civilians in the name of government orders (Young, 2018).  Reform liberalists argue that there is an absence of social justice in the free-market as the less fortunate loose the opportunity to experience true liberty.

Reform ideology is one of the best doctrines that promote common good as it aims at giving all individuals equal opportunities (Young, 2018). The ideology believes in the need for a government system that offers social, political and economic justice to all individuals and at the same time promoting equal opportunities to all.



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Young, J. (2018). Reconsidering American liberalism: The troubled odyssey of the liberal idea. Routledge.



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