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Setting measurable objectives and using language the students can understand has multiple benefits for the learners. The text provides four recommendations for creating effective objectives: (1) Make learning objectives specific but not restrictive (2) Communicate the objectives to students and parents (3) Connect the learning objectives to previous and future learning and (4) Engage students in setting personal learning objectives. Which of these do you think is most important? Why? Which recommendation for setting objectives would you like to adopt as an instructional goal to improve over the duration of this course and why? Make sure to provide examples from your teaching or personal learning experiences.
write a professional growth plan on how you will use the skill of setting objectives for a classroom, district, or group of people that you currently work with or hope to work with in the future.
● Which standards did you choose to work?
● Which objectives did you develop to address these standards (some states list objectives for you)?
● How will I use student-friendly language that clearly reflects the content they will learn and the skills they will acquire?
● How will I ensure that objectives are linked to the Oklahoma Academic Standards (or my state of residence) I have chosen?
● How will I include opportunities to determine students’ existing knowledge and skills?
● In what ways will I reference objectives throughout the lessons?
● How will I post learning objectives, so they are in clear sight of students and parents?
● How will I know students understand the objectives?
● How will I connect activities to the learning objectives?
● How can I help students make connections between current objectives and those of previous lessons, so it is clear how they all fit in the overall course or theme?
● How will I measure my progress as a teacher and the impact on student learning?

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