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The purpose of this assignment is to develop a Languages Arts lesson appropriate for ELLs that include brain compatible activities. The student will include activities that accommodate different types of learner while keeping them engaged. A narrative will also be included which will highlight the sections of the lesson that are brain compatible.

  1. Identify a specific grade level in language Arts to be taught.
  2. Include Florida State Standards for ESOL/language arts (LAFS) at that grade level.
  3. Specify the outcomes (what you want the students to learn) you want the students to achieve.
  4. Lesson needs to show evidence of differentiated instruction based on P-12 students’ needs and/ or interests
  5. Activities need to be brain- compatible, culturally responsive, and engaging to students.
  6. Write a narrative to provide a rationale for your activity, and explain why the show best practice.

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