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  1. Biblical Advice   


    It is Monday afternoon. A pastor friend stops by to see you unexpectedly. As you speak, he appears troubled. He tells you that earlier that morning, he wrote his resignation letter. He explained that his church is not growing, his leadership is dwindling, and his energy is zapped. Because of the demands of ministry, he and his wife are having marital challenges. His teenage son, who resents Christianity, has threatened to run away from home. The pastor admits that he feels like a failure as a father. He is thinking not only about leaving his church, but also about leaving the ministry altogether. What do you say? What biblical advice do you give? Your thread must engage the course readings and appropriate Scriptures to support your advice.


Subject Religion Pages 3 Style APA


Biblical Advice

While it is known to many, pastors undergo through stressing situations, and most of them contemplate resigning from ministry. Besides, they also have family problems that decrease their effectiveness as ministry leaders. Most churches are ineffective in enhancing leadership development of pastors, resulting in decreased ability to enhance God’s word and working closely with the church members.[1] According to the case, a friend, who is a ministry leader, approached me, and explained his intentions to resign due to challenges experienced in both the church and family. I believe that challenges exist in every undertaking, and being a pastor is not one of the easiest jobs due to expectations of society. However, resigning is not a solution to address the challenges of the pastor. I believe that the pastor should be strong and explore biblical alternatives to solve his problems.

Firstly, the pastor is one of the ministry leaders. Thus, he should have strength and ask God for wisdom to change the situation for the better. The church is not growing and his leadership abilities are dwindling. I believe that he should offer solution to make the situation better rather than running away. People do not solve problems by running away from them, but they do so by offering alternatives to make the situation better. The pastor should use his innate God-given ability to bring more people to God by enhancing the close relationship with church members and creating activities that bring people closer to the body of Christ.

People who persevere in faith display the Glory of the lord. A faithful Christian should shine in the hearts of the people and bring them closer to Christ. As a pastor, he should persevere and make the situation favorable for him since he is powered by the spirit of the Lord. The second Corinthians 4:5-18, Paul advices Christians that their perseverance can bring hope to others to keep on going. My friend is a pastor and a source of hope to people who look up to him. The challenges he is experiencing are the ultimate test to his ability to stay steadfast and serve the Lord a midst of turbulences. While the outer person of individual is destroyed, their inner persons are renewed every day.[2]  Thus, my friend should put God first and seek wisdom and solution to his current tribulations than quitting.

The pastor should put all his heart in the ministry. That is, he is working for the Lord not man. Leadership and the wisdom to lead are given by God. Colossians 3:23-24 explains that everything we do in the name of the lord will receive reward from God. People should seek to serve the will of the Lord and not Man. Our desires to communicate the work of God and bring more souls to Christ should not be overshadow by activities in the church such as leadership. Pastors can be effective in enhancing the word of God and bringing people together even when they do have leadership responsibilities.


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Appendix A:

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