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  1. Brand Personality and Images    



    Which brand personality best describes you? Your school? What is it about these images you like? What would you change about these images to make them even more desirable (and how would you do so)?



Subject Business Pages 2 Style APA


Brand Personality

Brand personality is any human trait or characteristic associated directly with a brand. They are often expressed as adjectives for conveying how an individual wants to be perceived, either as youthful, responsible, cheerful, sophisticated, dependable, or friendly. Brand personality is what builds a business in the human eye for potential clients. Sometimes, it is communicated through visuals, voice, or customer service policies. The paper will discuss the personality that best describes me, my school, and any changes I would like to make in those images. 

The sophisticated brand personality best describes me because I am an intelligent person who knows a lot, and I always understand even the most complicated situation. I feel cultured because I adjust to conditions depending on the audience I address, and I take pride in the fact that everyone around me feels comfortable hanging out. My school’s brand personality is a high level of competence because it believes in breeding quality students. The main thing I like about these images is that they foster a culture of inclusion and high-level performance in ensuring progressive growth. However, I would change to make them more desirable by embracing diversity, especially when handling different people who might not be in sync with my personality. I would do that by practicing more skills other than the one I have embraced already. 

In conclusion, brand personality sells. People are more attracted to businesses with quality brands and associate more with individuals who possess pleasant personalities. Consequently, it is essential to work on individual-selves and ensure we maintain the best values as only they define people. Brand personality are thus, very essential in people’s day to day endeavors.


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