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     Describe two things about the Bronx which fit into the Classical Definition of Beauty as highlighted above and explain why? Think about infrastructure, art, Hip Hop, Mambo, people, history, etc. specific to the Bronx you have learned about. how are they harmonious, symmetrical & proportional? be specific.  



Subject Art and design Pages 3 Style APA


Bronx and the Classical Definition of Beauty

                One of the five boroughs of New York City is referred to as the Bronx. The Bronx is associated with a pride that exceeds that of the other boroughs. The classical conception provides a definition of beauty based on the association between the beautiful aspects as a whole alongside its parts. The parts should be provided with the right proportion to each other and when integrated composes the aesthetic view of the object as a whole. This paper will relate Bronx to the classical definition of beauty while explaining why it fits in this context. It will also examine the borough’s art, people and infrastructure to explain how they are symmetrical, harmonious and promotional to the beauty definition.

                Bronx fits within the classical definition of beauty since it has a strong history that has contributed to the birth of artists, genre, music and even beautiful natural resources (Teen, 2017). The Bronx has the largest parks in the city of New York, the New York Botanical Garden renowned to the world, and a global leader in the provision of desirable zoos such as The Bronx Zoo. Different factors have contributed towards the classical beauty of the Bronx (Teen, 2017). Looking at history, it is a fact that the borough has been rebuilt from a desolation of planned shrinkage under difficult economic conditions. The Bronx had faced a significant decline after being neglected for approximately half a century. The people have contributed towards its beauty as seen today.

                Also, the classic beauty of the Bronx is accrued to the fact that the borough has a unique and strong character. Notably, the Bronx is the home to hip hop music and professional baseball team players referred to as the New York Yankees. The borough has also housed multiple ethnicities for several years (Teen, 2017). For instance, Arthur Avenue has remained to be an area strongly populated by the Italian American culture located in New York. The reviews of the people strongly suggest that the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue is associated with an authentic feeling in comparison to Manhattan’s Little Italy (Teen, 2017). The Bronx’s southern area provides a home to Puerto Rican culture. A large percentage of the Irish immigrants have established a home at the Woodlawn (Teen, 2017).

                The classical beauty of the Bronx is also founded on its geographic nature. Notably, the borough is associated with several hills. Standing on a corner and looking down over a cliff is one of the common views of the people in the region. Moreover, most of the streets, particularly those located in the West Bronx, also on the northern side of the Yankee Stadium is associated with sections with steps and not pavements and sidewalks, thus building on its aesthetic beauty (Welcome2thebronx, 2019).

                Besides the Bronx Zoo, the area also has parks such as the Van Cortlandt Park and the Bronx Park extending over large spaces building on the aesthetic beauty with the relaxing green environments. The city island present in the Long Island Sound, also a section of the Bronx is associated with a small fishing island whereby people who enjoy the fishing activity spend their time fulfilling the need (Welcome2thebronx, 2019). Moreover, “The Hub” located in the Third Avenue hosts many stores thus creating an area where people can socialize and meet while enjoying a desirable shopping experience.


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