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  1. Budget, Budget Justification/Narrative, & Sustainability Plan    


    Part I: Budget Template
    • Use the budget template provided in the Learning Resources.
    o Fill in the budget template for your project.
    Note: Rationale for costs will be provided in the budget narrative.
    Note 2: Budget line items should consider the non-personnel and personnel resources listed in the methodology section.
    Part II: Budget Narrative and Sustainability Plan
    • The Budget Narrative expands on the line items of the budget, providing a reviewer detail and justification for how you arrived at the projected dollar amounts


Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA


Part III

Budget Template

Personnel Name

Personnel Title

Time/Effort Percentage (%)

Time/Effort Hours/Week

Dollar Amount Requested for Salary

Dollar Amount Requested for Fringe Benefits

Grand Total Dollar Amount Requested

Name #1

Project Director


40 hrs/wk




Name #2

Project Coordinator


40 hrs/wk




Name #3

Clinical Coordinator


40 hrs/wk




Name #4

Academic Coordinator


25 hrs/wk




Name #5

Project Evaluator


30 hrs/wk




Name #6

Project Secretary


30 hrs/wk




Name #7

On-Call Staff (10)


3000 Hours/ Year @$15











Consultant Costs














Staff Travel














Itemized Equipment







Supplies (itemize by category)







Other Expenses




 $   52,200.00







 $ 442,700.00



Grand Total Direct Costs




 $ 722,700.00




Budget Narrative

  1. Salary $280,000
  1. Project director is the Chief Executive of the program and will spend 100% of his time in management, hiring, supervising, and training staff members. The individual salary for the project is $75,000 and will be covered for the 12 months of the contract.
  2. Project coordinator will spend 100% of the time providing direct service to organizing and making sure that the welfare of street children is well in place. The program coordinator will be responsible for tracking and monitoring the end of homelessness in New Orleans Louisiana. This will ensure that the rate of homelessness in Louisiana is reduced to the preferred rate. The individual salary for the program coordinator will amount to $50,000 and will be covered for a period of 12 Months.
  • Clinical coordinator will spend 100% of his time at the homeless shelter. With cases of mental disorders, mental health issues, and psychosomatic illnesses, the clinical coordinator will be responsible for medical check ups at the homeless shelter. The clinical coordinator will earn an annual salary of $35,000 for a 12 months contract.
  1. Academic coordinator will be responsible for training schedules at the homeless shelter and spend 50% of his time for 25 hours a week. The academic coordinator will prepare training manuals for the staff members and for persons or patients to be admitted at the homeless shelter. The academic coordinator will spend 25 hours a week earning an aggregated annual salary of $30,000 for the 12 Months contract.
  2. Project Evaluator will be responsible for monitoring and implementation spending 50% of his time at the homeless shelter. Spending 25 hours a week, the project evaluator will earn $25,000 annual salary.
  3. Project Secretary will be responsible for taking minutes, organizing meetings and documentation of papers at the homeless shelter. Spending 50% of his tine and 30 hours a week at the facility, the program director will earn an annual salary of $25,000 annually.
  • Due to additional work including nursing, cleaners, counsellors, the homeless shelter propose to hire an additional 10 staff members to work on call basis. On call staff will be paid a rate of $15 per hour. With proposed 3,000 hours annually, additional staff will cost the organization $45,000 annually. Total salaries will amount to $280,000 excluding fringe benefits which are 20% of the gross salary.



  1. Fringe Benefits 56,000

Fringe benefits are estimated at a rate of 20% depending on time commitment on the gross salary per each category.

  1. Consultation Costs = $100,000

As a cost of hiring counsellors, each patient will spend around 5 hours a month with a counsellor. And with a turn around of 100 patients a month, it is estimated that the facility will admit at least 1,000 patients annually and a counsellor charging at least $20 per hour.

  1. Contracts = $5,000
  1. Staff training- There will be capacity building for staff members to prepare them on coordination, counselling, and rehabilitation 50 hours @ 100.
  2. Staff Travel

To facilitate travel arrangements in Louisiana, the program will spend at least 500 hours on staff travels @ 20 spending at least $10,000 annually. 

  1. Consumables
  2. Food for the homeless estimating a turnover of 1,000 patients annually to consume an average of $150.
  3. Hygiene supplies and cleaning of towels estimated cost at $50 for a turnover of 1,000 patients.
  4. Itemized equipment = $20,500
  5. Laptop- 6 laptops will be purchased for staff members. The laptops are preferred since they are easier to carry and staff can work from home. Estimated price for the laptops is @$400
  6. Office Desk – 6 office desks @150 for the main staff.
  • Desk Chairs – 6 desk chairs at $50 each with a computer setup.
  1. Computer equipment to be used for administrative work and maintain patients. 3 computers will be procured for the on-call staff at $300.
  2. The homeless shelter unit will be equipped with 100 beds at $100 for males and female patients.
  3. Dresser Drawer – 100 dresser drawers for each patient at the homeless shelter at $60
  4. Supplies = $55,000
  5. Office supplies include paper, folders, pens, and general office to be used by staff members. Patients at the homeless shelter may utilize office supplies on an annual basis. The Annual budget for Office Supplies is estimated at $5,000.
  6. Medical Supplies – The homeless shelter will only offer first aid needs and some of the proposed procurement needs include bandages, alcohol pads, ibuprofen, stomach relief supplies. With a turn around of 1,000 homeless persons each is estimated to consume at least $20.
  • Sanitary supplies – The homeless shelter will procure sanitary items for the temporary facility. Each patient is estimated to consume at least $30 on sanitary items.
  1. Other Expenses = $52,200
  2. Utilities including water, electricity, at a cost of $1,000 for 12 months = 12,000
  3. Telephone and internet cost so as to stay connected with the homelessness and community collaborators at $300 a month for 12 months = 3,600.
  • Insurance costs to cover the staff members and on call staff in case of injury. The insurance is estimated to be 5% of the gross pay ($280,000).
  1. Team building for staff members @100 per year for the 26 members = 2,600
  2. Contingency costs – the homeless shelter will have an emergency fund of $20,000 on annual basis.

Sustainability Plan

The homeless shelter will sustain its operation through fundraising, grants, and donations from well-wishers. The program director will organize an annual gala dinner to show the impact of the homeless shelter in the community. This strategy is meant to increase funding opportunities for the program. The program also aims to partner with the county government to raise resources to ensure its sustainability in the long-run.















Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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