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Considered practical examples of structural engineering, acoustical engineering, and architecture. In this assignment, you’ll have a chance to do a deeper dive into Sustainable Buildings, by learning more about LEED Certification Links to an external site..
Conduct individual research on what it means for a building to be LEED-certified, and prepare an original written discussion (2-3 paragraphs) touching on the certification process, the different levels of LEED certification, benefits of certification, cost-vs-benefit of the certification process, and the role of architectural engineers in achieving LEED-certified buildings.
Then, consider local examples of LEED-certified buildings (see the bullet list below), and select two local LEED-certified structures to compare and contrast. In your compare/contrast discussion (2-3 paragraphs), discuss the LEED-certification levels for the two buildings, their different uses/purposes, and the fundamental characteristics of each structure that enabled it to be LEED-certified.
• University of Kansas buildings: https://energy.ku.edu/buildings
• KU Architecture Studio 804 buildings: https://studio804.com/projects/ Links to an external site.
• Lawrence Public Library: https://lawrenceks.org/sustainability/green-buildings/ Links to an external site.
• Douglas Co. Public Works Facility: https://www.douglascountyks.org/depts/sustainability/green-building-and-leed#Link-To-LEED-certified-Public-Works-Facility



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