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    Business Information Systmes – Discussion Questions


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    4-1) Explain and discuss the relationship between hackers and viruses. Why would hackers want to gain access to organizational data?


    4-2) Have you or someone you know experienced computer problems caused by a virus? How did it get into the system and how did it first present itself? What effects did it have on the performance of your system? What was done to remove it and did it have any lasting effects on your system/data?


    4-3) Under the Heading Apply Your Knowledge Business Projects, Read Project 2. Respond to question





    4-4) Under the Heading Apply Your Knowledge Business Projects, Read Project 2. Respond to question B.



Subject Business Pages 4 Style APA


Business information System-Discussion Questions

Relationship between Hacker and Virus

Hackers are technology experts who use their proficiency to interfere with computer network either to challenge it or to profit from it. On the other hand, a virus is a software developed by experts to create disturbance or damage to genuine compute programs. Viruses can be brought into computers by hackers or downloaded from the internet (Bocij, Greasley & Hickie, 2015). Hackers use distinct viruses to log key strokes and create sign in data mostly in organizations operating money related businesses such as banks. They also use viruses to maliciously trap suspicious occurrences such unfaithfulness of workers among others. Hackers always have invariant reasons for accessing organizations’ data. For instance, they hack to manipulate data, gain crucial information, and obtain access to critical secrets of an organization. Some hackers are allowed by organization to try access organizational data to help organization tighten the security through sealing the loopholes.

Experience of Computer Problem Caused by Virus

Both my friend and I have experienced computer problem caused by viruses. From my personal experience, I was using an android phone which all over sudden was not able to effectively function. Its operational speed was utterly slowed down by the virus. Although I used to download and upload songs and videos using data bundles, it could no longer load songs unless when using Wi-Fi. I was unable to tell how the virus entered my phone. I used application optimizer to optimize the speed of my phone. On the other hand, my friend’s computer was attacked by virus though the internet phishing. As a result, the computer could hang, shut down and sometimes fail to complete simple tasks. He later installed antivirus which help him to revive its computer.  I agree with Bocij, Greasley& Hickie (2015) that a virus frustrates and interferes with the operation of computers.

Feeling on having Biometric Features Encoded in Documents

According to me, it is a good thing to have my biometric features encoded in documents such as passport. Based on the alarming increase of theft of identities through impersonation and fraud, it is prudent to use biometric features such as fingerprint and facial recognition features among others to heighten the level of security. Biometric feature are unique to every individual hence it is difficult for a different individuals to use them for fraudulent purposes. Merely using passwords and IDs is no secure and can easily be hacked or cracked by computer programs. I have seen many friends struggling to bring back the normalcy after their information is hacked. According to Bocij, Greasley & Hickie (2017), security is key when it comes to managing business information system.

Feeling on having Biometric on Driver’s License

According to me, the feeling is dependent on the use and purpose of the document. Biometric should be used since it is a serious document which can be used by an individual to identify him/herself when making any application. However, I have a feeling that biometrics should not be included in the driving license since it is used so much and cannot be used to obtain important information or secrets of an individual. Therefore, I believe biometric information should be used only in very critical documents.



Bocij, P., Greasley, A., & Hickie, S. (2015). Business Information Systems, 5th Edn: Technology, Development and Management for the E-Business. Harlow, England: Pearson.


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