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  1. CASE STUDY: Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Jessica






    Sexual assault includes any type of sexual activity to which an individual does not agree. Because of the effects of some drugs, commonly called date rape drugs, victims may be physically helpless, unable to refuse, or even unable to remember what happened. Jessica, a 16-year-old high school sophomore, expresses concern to the school nurse practitioner that she knows someone who might have had sex “without knowing it.” How can the nurse practitioner answer these common questions? Reflective Questions 1. What are date rape drugs and how can a person be unaware that such a drug has been ingested? 2. What can you do to protect yourself? 3. What do you do if you think you have been sexually assaulted? 4. What can you do when someone you care about has been sexually assaulted? 5. What role does a nurse practitioner play in the care of sexually assaulted patients, particularly in the adolescent age group?



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Date Rape Drugs

Date rape drugs are those substances that facilitate rape or sexual assault without the victim knowing what happened. Some most commonly used include alcohol and other forms of medications (Folger et al., 2017). The victims usually are unable to remember whatever happened to them and thus cannot even tell that such drugs were ingested into their blood system. They make the victim forget whatever happened immediately before they got confused and thus are unlikely to take any action.

What can you do to protect yourself?

To avoid being a victim of date-rape, it is always safe to avoid open drinks, taking care to only use the drinks that one opens for self (Folger et al., 2017). Moreover, it is much safer to avoid drinks from other people. It is also prudent for one to control his or her drinks by carrying them everywhere with them to avoid a situation where the person with ill motive takes advantage and put the drugs into the drinks (Grela et al., 2018). Also, ion social events, one should always stick to friends and seek their help whenever feeling odd. 

What do you do when you feel sexually assaulted?

The first course of action whenever one feels sexually assaulted is to visited the nearest hospital or health facility for medical checkups. This could help control sexually transmitted infections in case of any before it gets to damaging levels (Grela et al., 20180. The victim then needs to report the incidence to the nearest police post for investigation of the same. Its proper to make such report in good time for the police to act before the suspect escapes. Similarly, rape comes with a lot of trauma and therefore the victim needs to seeks the services of guidance and counseling expert to manage the mental health issues that might emanate from the same (Grela et al., 2018). Such counseling also helps the victim to recover expeditiously after the rape ordeal. 

What to do when about to be sexually assaulted

When there are all indications of rape possibility, it is advisable that the potential victim raises alarm either by screaming or calling on passers-by for help. Alternatively, where there is room for escape, the victim should take advantage of the same to avoid rape cases (Grela et al., 2018). Also, as a matter of last resort, the victim can defend herself against such aggression as she waits for help if there could be any. 

The role of nurse in care of sexually assaulted patients

Nurses play critical roles in the care of sexually assaulted victims. They may help the doctors conduct physically examinations on the victim of rape and also give them the necessary support during their stay at the hospital (McMillan and White 2019). They have an ethic of caring for the patients and also take early intervention in rape cases where doctors may not readily be available when needed. Nurses also provide the necessary care for the patients apart from just administering medication 9McMillan and White 2019). They check that the patient has also she needs and communicates with the doctor on the recovery process of such patients. 


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