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Matching Problems and Solutions Discussion

  We’re going to go back to Week 2 and revisit the Garbage Can Model of Decision Making. If you remember, the authors weren’t exactly positive or supportive of this model of decision making, yet it can be useful and can provide positive results. Knowing what you know...

Infrastructure Review

  As a nurse executive leader, you may very well be tasked with the evaluation of the current technology safeguards, infrastructure, and regulations surrounding the security of the enormous amount of patient data collected in your organization. As nursing continues to...

Worldwide Water Distribution

  Visit the following website and complete the assignments indicated below 1. https://serc.carleton.edu/earthlabs/drought/1.html 2. Open student lab a) Complete Lab #1: Where is the water? b) Complete all sections A, B and C and the optional activity on each page c)...

OSHA regulations are outdated

Discuss the predicament that a safety professional faces knowing that some OSHA regulations are outdated and may not provide adequate protection for workers. Recommend an approach that you believe would overcome the issue.  

OSHA’s use of incorporation by reference

Explain your thoughts on OSHA’s use of incorporation by reference and whether you believe it improves safety and health in the workplace. Discuss how you believe standards that are incorporated by reference can be used to improve safety and health at a workplace...
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