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Database Tables vs Views

  Discuss the similarities and the differences between database tables and database views. Provide examples of circumstances that may require creating views.

Iris dataset

      The goal of the homework is to gain familiarity with PyTorch (to install it, see: https://pytorch.org/get-started/locally/ ), a machine learning library for python that allows for defining the machine learning model and performing gradient descent for it in an...

The rise of Roman Civilization

After learning about the rise of Roman Civilization (Chapter 5 lecture), answer the following question. Follow the directions carefully in order to receive full credit. Chapter 5 Lecture Question: In my lecture, we discussed the establishment of a republican...

Using proper systematic methodology

  One of the goals of using proper systematic methodology when examining a fire scene is to allow it to hold up to scrutiny during any judicial proceedings. Precedent setting court cases set the example for what is considered “proper” conduct. One of the landmark...

Studies involved in human trials

  Scope out what is already known about the topic (explain the topic) and explain in detail by exploring the research available. Get up to date with the current research Set the scene and establish the importance of the research. Find a gap in literature (what is...
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