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Strategic Analologies

QUESTION week 3 discussion   Discussion Prompt: In a short paragraph or two, post on this week’s discussion board a response to this prompt: Please identify 1 or 2 strategic analogies from this week’s readings that you think would be helpful for US...


QUESTION Week 10 cybersecurity    Answer the following 200- 300 words each. (a) Note 3 & 4 at p. 148-50 (is privacy even possible? And who really acts as though they want it?). Think about these observations. Answer one of the questions posed, or formulate your...

Week 11 Cyber Security

QUESTION Week 11 Cyber Security    There are two parts. You must answer both parts.Part One. Take the fact pattern at pp. 3-4 of the Computer Crime Law casebook. (and recall the promise at note 5, p. 7: “… By the end of the book…”) This exercise is open book and does...
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