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Risse to the Top Action Plan Worksheet

Part 1: Overcoming ChallengesIn Week 1, you completed the Success Prep Inventory (located in Ch. 2, Section 2.1.2 of your myBook, Powered by zyBooks) in which you were asked, “As you begin at the University of Phoenix, what do you think is your biggest challenge?”...

Opinion in the case of Riser v. QEP Energy

  Analyze the case and opinion in the case of Riser v. QEP Energy, 777 F.3d 1191 (10th Cir. 2015) located in your textbook on pp. 451–454.Write a case study review of Judge Kelly’s opinion that answers the questions below. Support your review with analysis and...

HR roles can be categorized into four

HR roles can be categorized into four areas: strategic, administrative, operational, cultural). These areas interact with each other quite a bit.For this week’s lecture, please share a time at your current or past employer when a major change took place.Give an...
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