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Phonetics Course Work

The course is phonetics and the assignment is three questions to be answered in paragraph forms.The word count of the whole assignment should not exceed 1700 words.The topics of these questions are: Spectrogram reading and articulatory phonetics VOT and laryngeal...

“I Became Her Target” by Roger Wilkins

Read “I Became Her Target” by Roger Wilkins before answering the following prompt:Wilkins suggests that the students in his new school misjudged him because at first they saw him only as a stereotype, a stranger with no particular personal characteristics....

Phonetic property

  Problem set: 1) For each pair of sounds, state which phonetic property distinguishes them. Each answer should be either “voice,” “place,” or “manner.” For example, for the pair [p] and [b], the answer would be “voice.”...
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