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A linear equation

In 2009, there were 7.7 million males enrolled in degree-granting institutions of higher education; over the next several years, this number increased at a rate of 600,000 per year.a. Model this situation by a linear equation.b. Use this model to project the number of...

Travel a toll road

A mix for 9 servings of instant potatoes requires 1&1/8 cups of water. Use this information to decide how much water is needed if you want to make 17 servings.You travel a toll road that requires a75-cent token. If you buy a special car-pool sticker for $12.00,...

Fractional part of women officers

The graph describes the proportion of women officers in four branches of the armed services in a certain country in 2008.What fractional part of women officers were in either the Army or the Navy?Army 1/9Navy 9/19Marines 41/171Air Force 10/57 Sample...

A new vintage 1965 convertible

A new vintage 1965 convertible requires an oil change every 400 miles and replacement of all fluids every 19,000 miles.If these services have just been performed by the dealer, how many miles from now will both be due at the same time? Sample Solution

Accidents were investigated

An investigation of a number of automobile accidents revealed the following information.16 accidents involved alcohol and excessive speed.23 accidents involved alcohol.13 accidents involved excessive speed but not alcohol.21 accidents involved neither alcohol nor...
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