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  Watch on-line a Jewish Tradition or Islamic Service and submit the designated paper by the end of week 4. Paper instructions for each designated religious service (use the template imbedded in each lesson activity): Write a 3-page (or more, if needed) paper about...

The Learning Resources on religions.

For citizens in some countries, religious oppression is common and long-standing. Although freedom of religion is protected in the United States, religious intolerance and discrimination remain. Consider Islamophobia and the backlash against those of the Muslim faith...


Who was Barnabas? List and detail his appearances in the Book of Acts. Describe his importance in assisting Paul to get acquainted with Christians.

Saul’s conversion experience

        Summarize Saul’s conversion experience and how he describes himself in various New Testament texts. In what ways do you see this as a dramatic life change?

Major philosophical themes of Hinduism

  Hinduism differs from most Western stereotypical views of religion, in that it has no founder and no central text. Further, it has no essential ritual, systematized dogma, or active proselytizing. The Vedas are the oldest Hindu scriptures, but they are not very...
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