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Fighting terrorism

      1. Should the government be allowed to enlist the assistance of private companies to capture telecommunications data? 2. What limits should be placed on the kinds of data captured? 3. Does the need to prevent terrorism outweigh the right to privacy for citizens?...

The relationship between the media and terrorism

    The relationship between the media and terrorism is often described as symbiotic. What is meant by this characterization? Please provide an example to illustrate your position. Is there anything that could be done to lessen the ‘use’ of the media by...

Combating terrorism

      Combating terrorism has entailed restrictions on civil liberties. How can we reconcile civil liberty and national security? Are we better off opting for more liberty or more security? Are the two goals mutually exclusive? Have Americans become less supportive of...


What does the term disengagement mean and how does it work regarding terrorism? What types of counter-terrorism strategies are there and how might they work? What counter-terrorism strategies do you think work best and why? Sample Solution
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