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    Study artworks in the textbook that have been censored or in some other way withheld from public view. Are there any other works you have read about that the public has been prevented from seeing? Do you believe that artworks should never be censored, or do you think that there are some subjects that should be banned? Write at least one paragraph–300 word minimum–defending your belief in the limits or freedom of expression in art, using a specific artworks as an example to make your point



    ou agree or disagree? Why? Provide reasons for your agreement or disagreement.





Subject Art and design Pages 2 Style APA


Censorship of Artwork

Censorship refers to the suppression of information, which can take several forms from banning and burning books purposely to restrict certain available information from public access. The policy can be regulated by either private companies, government bodies, mass media or any other body that is in control of access to information. The artwork is of an aesthetic value because they cover a thematic worth about a social issue and reflect on the historical, economic, social and political concerns in the contemporary society. This paper will analyze the Eric Fiscal’s Falling Woman portrait of 2002 and the Diane Ducruet’s Mother and Daughter II of 2014 as artworks that have been censored and withheld from the public view, and assess whether or not the artworks should be censored or not.

Eric Fiscal’s Falling Woman, 2002, is an image which serves as a tribute to the victims of September 11, 2001- the American bombing. In this statue, a woman is shown falling upside down with legs swinging from a burning tower (Fiscal & Eric, 2002). Due to the pain and anguish caused by this tragic event, this image was seen as insensitive and upsetting towards the families and many who had witnessed this horror. It was soon covered after being displayed. This image was in honor of the victims, it was to empathize with them and feel their pain but instead, the public saw insensitivity and disregard for the victim’s pain, leading to the image being covered, never to be shown. This artist had a message, a message about the terrible effects of terrorism and the pain and anguish it brings to its’ victims. A message which was ignored.

 Diane Ducruet’ Mother and Daughter II, 2014, was an image that was taken down from a Paris gallery due to its ‘vulgarity’. The image shows Diane and her daughter cuddled on the floor naked (Ducruet & Diane, 2014). Many chose to view it as pornographic and inappropriate especially to children. However, some people still argued that the image was a reflection of the rawness of her feelings towards her daughter, a love not tainted, or covered. A love pure and without barriers. Although viewers will always interpret art differently, which may be either be positive or negative, it is important to be sensitive to the art one intends to show to the public. 

Artwork generates very powerful messages and content to the public eye. By exploiting human emotions through their portraits, different messages and passed differently to various generations. I believe that there are certain subjects of artworks that should be banned from the public especially if they cover a highly sensitive content and destructive content. Some portraits bring to light the issues of racism, violence, terrorism, and pornography which are issues that albeit they have a hidden message, are still uncomfortable to view especially to the families of the affected victims in such events. Therefore, any artwork that covers bad content should be uncensored.

In conclusion, although censoring an image due to the interpretation it creates is relatively killing the purposed idea, some portraits cover issues that were not designed to inspire but create harm, suffering, and ultimate anger to the victims being affected by the content, thus, should be censured.




Fiscal, Eric. Falling Woman image. 2002

 Ducruet, Diane. Mother and Daughter II photograph. 2014



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