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Gator Bay Imports is a leading importer of electronics. With quality products and customer satisfaction, Gator Bay Imports maintains a leading position in the electronics section widening its customer base. However, very recently the company witnessed an increase in competition resulting in a decrease in its sales. To analyze the factors driving the sales, company collected data across 30 territories on important factors which were determined by company leadership to be crucial in determining the sales: market potential in the territory, number of shops selling electronics, number of dealers in each territory, number of brands, population of each territory, urban type, and region.
Part 1 (2 point):
Define a problem statement which reflects the challenge facing Gator Bay Imports leadership.
Part 2 (3 points):
Apply descriptive modeling to analyze relationships between company sales and the four quantitative predictor variables. Interpret the meaning of each relationship and how it relates to the Gator Bay Imports company. Illustrate your answer with appropriate statistics and visualizations.
Part 3 (3 points):
Conduct an analysis to examine the relationship between Urban type and Region. If you discover a relationship, how does it affect sales? What does this relationship mean for the Gator Bay Imports company? Illustrate your answer with the appropriate statistical table.
(Hint. You may need to run 2 pivot tables to answer. One comparing urban type to region and one breaking down sales by these categories).
Part 4 (2 points):
Interpret and discuss the results of your analysis including the implications for future data analysis. Which factors influence sales the most (or least)? Which type of territories should they focus on for new sales efforts? Provide recommendations for the Gator Bay Imports management.

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