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    Title:     Clinical experience journal on patient with Somatic Symptom Disorder

    Paper Details    
    Clinical experience journal on patient with Somatic Symptom Disorder.
    The journal should address the following questions:
    1. What was your specific learning objective for this unit’s clinical experience?
    2. How did you meet this objective?
    3. What parts of the objective (if any) are still not met?
    4. What was the most rewarding experience in your clinical this unit?
    5. What was the most difficult experience in your clinical this unit?
    6. What would have done differently (from your preceptor or the way you handled the situation) for either of these experiences?


Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA


Clinical Experience Journal: Somatic Symptom Disorder

Main Objective

Q1.      My clinical experience for this unit was very exciting. In other words, I had an opportunity to take care of G.M, a 30 –year-old woman, who presented to the clinic with a combination of pain and neurological symptoms. She complained of severe headache, fatigue, and muscle pain. Based on her medical records, G.M had been previously diagnosed with Somatic Symptom Disorder and had stated similar signs. This is a medical condition that causes individuals to experience extreme anxiety concerning their physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue, such that it interferes with their daily lives (Henningsen et al., 2014). In this regard, my main objective was to employ my classroom knowledge and experience to help G.M manage her illness.

Steps for Achieving my Objective

Q2.      I was able to achieve my objective through various steps. First, I used my acquired knowledge and skills to evaluate the patient and conduct a thorough physical examination. Secondly, I analyzed her family history and medical background to identify the root of her problem (Kroenke, 2013). Lastly, I utilized current evidenced –based resources and her test results to diagnose her.

Parts of Objective not met

Q3.      I managed to achieve my key objective. However, I would like to learn and understand how culture influences the treatment and management of Somatic Symptom Disorders.


The Most Rewarding Moment

Q4.      The most rewarding moment in my clinical experience was when I was able to diagnose G.M and utilize educational materials to enlighten her and her family on how to manage the sickness.

The Most Difficult Experience

Q5.      My most difficult clinical experience was convincing the patient not to worry about her illness since it was more psychological than physical based on her test results, medical, and family history, just to mention.

Q6.      Given a second chance, I would broaden my knowledge on various illnesses such that am well-informed and able to advise patients on better ways to manage their conditions and win their trust too.(2017) study employed, there are very little room for generalizing the study’s findings.



Henningsen, P., Zipfel, S., & Herzog, W. (2007). Management of functional somatic syndromes. The Lancet, 369(9565), 946-955.

Kroenke, K. (2013). Efficacy of treatment for somatoform disorders: a review of randomized controlled trials. Psychosomatic medicine, 69(9), 881-888.


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