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  1. Common concerns raised by associates 



    Address these common concerns raised by associates. Using Exhibit 2.4 as a reference, consider these additional common concerns raised by associates:
    I’d like a promotion.

    Some of my team members don’t seem to follow the rules.
    Another associate is hitting on me.
    For the 3 concerns listed above , indicate the following:
    What value is involved using Sharp’s “Integrity, Caring, Innovation, Excellence” framework.



Subject Business Pages 2 Style APA


Sharp’s Behavior Standards

Issue 1

I would like a promotion

Negotiation Path

Sharp’s integrity value provides equal opportunities to potential and current workers. Promotion decisions are majorly based on abilities, qualifications, and quality.


Increase in employee satisfaction and decrease in employee turnover.

Issue 2

Another associate is hitting on me

Negotiation Path

Sharp’s caring value encourages a workplace where employees are free to express any issue they may have. Sharp promotes professionalism and advocates courtesy, and respect in the workplace


Enhances a good working environment and exceptional provision of services

Issue three

Some of my team members don’t follow the rules

Negotiation path

Sharp’s value of excellence advocates teamwork that enhances cross-fertilization of ideas and resolves conflicts directly with those involved.


This helps to promote a conducive working environment and steering towards achieving the organization’s goals and objectives.


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