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    Develop the following topics in your response paper:

    1. After reading Canto 6 of Dante’s Inferno, we saw the poet attacking fiercely the city of Florence – which was his homeland – accusing the populace and in particular the political class of greed and corruption. Jumping ahead 7 centuries, the United States have recently “enjoyed” his own arrays of political scandals and borderline situations (i.e.: a contested presidential election; ransacking of the Capitol; cases of corruption; etc.). Draw a personal parallel between Dante’s vision of politics and one or more aspects of American politics either by analogy or by contrast.





Subject Law and governance Pages 2 Style APA


Comparison Between Dante’s Version of Politics and Aspect of American Politics

Dante – a poet – writes about American politics and its anticipation. Dante predicts the American political future to be characterized by anger and bitterness through disagreement over fundamental issues. He foretold political conflict within the American political class; politics of greed and corruption. Indeed, the current American has encountered a portion of Dante’s American political prediction that included contested presidential elections, pillaging of the Capital, and numerous corruption cases. This essay, therefore, compares Dante’s Version of Politics and the Aspect of American Politics.

In Dante VI, Dante described the future of American politics to be full of disagreement over fundamental issues that affect the common Americans. Additionally, Dante blamed the populace – voters and the political class that has continued to make the same mistake. Currently, as Dante predicted, the key aspect of American politics – equality – has been characterized by a quagmire where certain people are treated based on their races. Racism as a fundamental issue has been politicized despite being one political agenda. Therefore, like Dante predicted that the future of American politics was to be marked by disagreement over fundamental issues, equality as an aspect of American politics has created egregious disagreement. Hence, there is a clear concurrence between Dante’s prediction on the state of the future of American politics and the aspect of American politics. The current happenings confirm Dante’s predictions.





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