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  • The company was established 12 years ago to provide cost-effective technology-based QA/QC contractual jobs.
  • ‘QQ company has various departments specializing in QA/QC projects of varying sectors to ensure project-specific needs are met. 
  • Our education QA/QC project team will provide tailored service and top-notch QA/QC management for the classroom project


Head of Construction QA/QC Department 

  • The head of the construction QA/QC department is a leading engineer with a specialization in quality management. 
  • He also possesses unmatched experience in analyzing construction sites for quality assurance and control. 
  • Besides, he is knowledgeable in QA/QC tools such as the entity QMS (quality management systems)
  • Knowledgeable in application of QA/QC standards and codes such as API, ASME V, ASME IX, and ASME B 31.3 among others

Site QA/QC Manager

  • The company site QA/QC Manager is responsible for regular site visits and assessment for quality compliance.
  • He acts as an advisor to the main contractor’s site manager in QA/QC matters
  • He possesses a degree in civil and structural engineering and 7 years of experience in construction quality management and 5 years managing education projects
  • Knowledgeable in application of QA/QC standards and codes such as API, ASME V, ASME IX, and ASME B 31.3 among others

Company Staff Competence

  • The company staff has vast experience in education construction QC/QA.
  • Qualities that stand out include:
  • Ability to identify QA/QC issues early and facilitate a resolution to ensure client satisfaction and happiness is obtained
  • Highly qualified and experienced such that rework problem is never an issue even in huge constructions
  • Understands the Q/QC standards and codes and ensures they are fulfilled satisfactorily
  • Strives to prevent the occurrence of QA/QC defects by being hands-on and possessing the latest information on construction quality management.

Experience in Higher Education Projects

  • The company prides on ensuring QA/QC standards are observed in the construction of various higher education projects in Maryland. 
  • Some of our previous engagements include QA’QC assessment and enhancement in the
    • university of Maryland lecture hall construction project in 2012, 
    • Towson University library project in 2016,
    • John Hopkins university anatomy laboratory
  • The experiences have shaped the company to enhance the QA/QC strengths in maximizing project implementation in terms of safety, delivery, and value.


  • As part of the classroom construction, the company is well versed with requisite responsibilities and requirements. We are capable of:
  • Ensuring that construction QA/QC requirements and standards are observed
  • Supporting the site manager in the supervision of compliance to the HSE program site specified for higher education projects
  • Professionally supervising, coordinating, and leading the QC/QA engineer and supervisor at the site
  • Reviewing the personnel qualifications of the main contractor’s refractory, insulation, painting, destructive and non-destructive testing, and welders before the construction activities are commenced.
  • Acting as the contact person for contractors and clients in matters dealing with quality
  • Preparation and presentation of daily, weekly, monthly, and the final status report on project QA/QC
  • Verification of accuracy and availability of the appropriate material marking transfer and test certificates
  • Ensuring outstanding quality engineering documents are expedited

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality control and quality assurance is integral to successful project implementation and approval
  • We are offering quality, cost, time, and resource efficiency by integrating state of art technology in QA/QC assessment, monitoring, and control
  • We are Maryland based and offer 24-hour support with ease of access to our offices as per demand
  • Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. That is to deliver a high-quality project in terms of standards, ability to meet intended use, and up-to-date assessment reports



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