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  1.  Cost Benefit Analysis and Project Budget    


    Discuss the treatment for stress/stress management


Subject Statistics Pages 3 Style APA


Cost Benefit Analysis





Cost in First year


Train the current nursing teachers, through workshops and seminars, on how to incorporate self-care and mindfulness training in their lesson plans.


Hire two counselors; four student enablers and three physical exercise trainers

Recruitment and onboarding costs

Salaries and benefits



Guest speakers

Invite motivational speakers to talk to students at least twice every semester


Introduce staff and peer mentorship program

Provide mentors with airtime and other resources required to support the mentorship program


Stipend to students with financial challenges

Stipend to students from economically disadvantaged families to enable them buy healthy food


Educational brochures

Print educational brochures on stress management, healthy sleeping and eating habits and important topics to be issued to each student at the beginning of every semester






Table 2: Potential Benefits and Savings


Benefit within 12 months

15% increase in pass rate, minimizing the need for re-sits/ retakes and at-risk assessment panels


60% increase in revenue due to increased student population


20% increase in cost savings due to reduced rate of withdrawal/ dismissal from the course


Increased recognition and recommendation by accrediting agencies and hospitals within the state.

20% increase in funding from the Texas Board of nursing


50% increase in philanthropic contributions and support from alumni students who succeeded in their nursing career.  






Table 3: Cost Benefit Analysis

Total Cost

Potential Benefits and Savings




Total Savings = $(338,500 – 278,400) = $60,100.


Payback time =  


                        = 0.85 of a year or approximately 10.2 months.


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