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Creating a ‘Blind’ Religion


Subject Religion Pages 2 Style APA


Creating a ‘Blind’ Religion

Have you ever imagined a religion for the blind? What if all the blind people are part of a cultic religion because the gods do not want them to see the evil in the world. That is the type of religion that I envision. The See television series inspires the ideas for formulating religion (Imdb 2019). In the show, the earth is plagued by an apocalypse, which causes the 2 million people who survive to lose their eyesight. Society then finds a new way of adapting and surviving by strengthening the other senses. They have devised new ways of sensing their environment, surviving, hunting, and building. This tv series encouraged me to think of the blind religion where the blind persons form part of a cultic movement against eyesight. The religion wants everyone blind because they believe that the eyes contribute to aggressive technological advancements such as light, which contribute to global warming when generated using fossil fuels and trees. Therefore, the See TV series show aired in 2019 envisions the ‘blind religion and detail assumptions and characteristics defining their religious beliefs. Given the conflict between the power of darkness and light, this reflection essay creates a blind religion to elaborate how different religions come to existence.

 The blind religion is premised on the philosophy that the eyes are the windows to seeing and committing evil. Therefore, it believes that eliminating the eyes is the intention of the gods for man. The religion acknowledges that eyesight contributes towards the erosion of their faith. Contrary to the adage emphasizing that seeing makes people believe, the religion believes that those without eyes use other senses; thus, they are less vulnerable to the illusions created by seeing. This way, they manage to live a truthful life. It is also funny that they believe that the lack of eyesight helps them live harmoniously with the environment since they do not need to cut down trees to light fires or burn fossil fuels to light up their world or lives. According to the proponent of religion, blind people are more satisfied with their lives and less curious. This description presents an ideal state of the blind religion since innovations certainly could lead to technological advancement that harms the environment and goes against the gods’ will for a balanced environment where all organisms live in harmony with each other.

These beliefs inform the power struggle in this society. The blind is opposed to the light. For instance, children born with eyesight are supposed to be killed or excommunicated as outcasts unfit to be share in the blind religion. The religious followers believe that excluding outliers will reduce their spread, thus preserving the blind religion from one generation to another. From the global perspective, this religion is considered an asset since being blind protects them from many evil and unnecessary power struggles.

My Religion


gods of darkness

Founder (dates)

200 years in the future

Followers (#’s)

The blind generation resulting from an apocalypse that left 2 million blind survivors.

Sacred Texts

Darkness is not for the wicked after all. It could be for the righteous too

House(s) of Worship

Natural habitats especially in forests, caves, and any natural land forms

Major Practices

Celebrating blindness

Life’s Purpose

To remain a blind generation and live harmoniously with nature



Followers are saved by the gods of darkness. Those with eyes cannot be redeemed. They have to be physically blind to be redeemed.


The religion believes that death is the end of life, surprisingly a promotion to eternal darkness.





Imdb. (2019). See. Retrieved from://www.imdb.com/title/tt7949218/

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